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  1. Blog21st Sep 2023

    The Silent Productivity Killer : Understanding Presenteeism in the Workplace

    Presenteeism is a key issue within many modern businesses, particularly in the current climate following the coronavirus pandemic. Presenteeism is a term used to describe the phenomenon where employees come to work even when they are ill, fatigued or experiencing…

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  2. Blog1st Sep 2023

    Are you moving with the AI wave, or against it? AI for Business and HR

    We already know it is important to remain up to date with advances in technology to remain competitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of the tech world, in fact it contributed £3.7 billion to the economy in 2022.…

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  3. Blog23rd Aug 2023

    Top 3 Employment Legislation Changes: What Employers Need To Know

    AAB People consider the impact of three key pieces of legislation which are expected to take in the year ahead in relation to family friendly provisions in the workplace.    Three key changes have been announced by the government which…

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  4. Blog4th Aug 2023

    The Importance of Health & Safety Reviews

    It is easy for a lot of businesses to assume that having put time and effort into creating and implementing their health and safety policy, procedures, risk assessments etc., they can then sit back and relax. Health and Safety, like…

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  5. Blog7th Jul 2023

    The Four Day Working Week – Is It Worth The Hype?

    The Four Day Week The four-day week has been a huge topic of conversation in recent years, especially following the vast changes in working patterns and attitudes towards work. The adoption of home and hybrid working practices have created certain…

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  6. Blog28th Apr 2023

    Katie Dunn, HR Advisor at AAB People

    The Importance of The Employee Experience

    As we move into the fifth month of 2023, the Employee Experience continues to evolve following the upheaval created by Covid-19, which pushed us to adopt remote workforces and adapt to the ever-changing economic factors. There is no doubt that…

    By Katie Dunn

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  7. Blog15th Feb 2023

    Scott Baxter, Lead HR Consultant at AAB People, professional headshot

    Everyday Changes – The Changing People and Culture Landscape

    If there’s one certainty about every January I have lived through, it’s that I’ll attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. That means no more cakes, more exercise and less sitting down when I could be moving. Up until this year,…

    By Scott Baxter

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  8. Blog18th Aug 2022

    AAB People

    My first two months with AAB People

    It has been over two months since I joined AAB People, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone! My journey so far has been fantastic. The whole team has welcomed me in with open arms and it is amazing…

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  9. Blog10th Aug 2022


    Boomerang Recruitment

    A boomerang employee is an employee who resigns from the company and takes up employment elsewhere, before later returning to work for the previous employer. Experts such as Anthony Klotz, the person who predicted ‘The Great Resignation’, has predicted that…

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  10. Blog28th Jul 2022


    My summer experience at AAB People

    Wow, it’s six weeks already! It seems like I started my summer internship with AAB People only yesterday. Over the past four years, I have been studying HR and have been looking for an opportunity to gain work experience for…

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  11. Blog22nd Jul 2022

    AAB People

    My 6 month Internship with AAB People

    Wow, what a fast 6 months. In the best way of course! I had embarked on this journey back in January. I had the opportunity in my third year at Edinburgh Napier University to go on a placement for my…

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  12. Blog29th Jun 2022

    Group of people chatting within workplace

    The Power of Inclusive Language in Recruitment

    As individuals, we all see the world through a different lens depending on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences. This influences our judgment and assessment of others and the situations we are confronted with. Collectively, we hold beliefs and…

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