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  1. Blog17th May 2022

    Becoming a Licensed Sponsor

    The UK is currently facing a labour shortage, economists say the explanation for the current strength of the labour market is simple: demand for workers has been going up at a time when their supply has been limited. On the…

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  2. Blog2nd May 2022


    The importance of training your management team 

    It is not unusual for start-up businesses to grow faster than their resources can match. A common concern for technical start-ups is how they can develop their staff so that employees can grow with the business.   These ambitious businesses are…

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  3. Blog25th Apr 2022

    AAB People

    Work Life Balance

    As someone with many interests out with my work, something that has always concerned me about entering full time employment is finding that perfect balance between the 9-5 and my evening hobbies. When I first started with AAB People in…

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  4. Blog22nd Mar 2022

    AAB People

    Making a Lasting First Impression

    Setting Expectations The onboarding process marks the beginning of the employee’s experience at your company. It begins at the moment an offer of employment is extended to a candidate, and runs up until the end of their probation period (which…

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  5. Blog8th Mar 2022

    AAB People

    Starting my AAB People Journey

    When I was asked if I wanted to write this blog, I must admit my stomach started to churn. Blogging is definitely not in my comfort zone, but after some reflection, I thought why wouldn’t I want to write about…

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  6. Blog2nd Mar 2022

    AAB People

    Employee Share Schemes – from an HR perspective 

    Having recently spent some time with the Expertise to Entrepreneurs Team at AAB, it was really interesting hearing about the different types of Share Schemes available to businesses and gaining an insight into how they operate.    Whilst I’m certainly no…

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  7. Blog25th Feb 2022


    Employers, would your employees choose you?

    In today’s highly competitive recruitment market for skilled talent, traditional approaches to hiring are being turned on their head. Increasingly, we are working with our clients and asking, not ‘who do you want to hire?’, but ‘why would candidates choose…

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  8. Blog21st Feb 2022

    AAB People

    The first month of my AAB People Placement

    During my first week at AAB People I had so many emotions. Coming into a new role with no 'on the job' experience and working mostly from home was really daunting. However, these worries eased straight away.

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  9. Blog18th Feb 2022

    AAB People partners with Scottish EDGE

    We have an exciting announcement! AAB People are now a Scottish EDGE partner.

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  10. Blog2nd Feb 2022


    The Wizard of Bod – how to support your employees’ health in post pandemic times

    Over the course of the pandemic, muscle and joint (or musculoskeletal – ‘MSK’) conditions have escalated and been exacerbated by difficulties in accessing medical services. So why are MSK conditions an issue for businesses, and how do they impact on…

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  11. Blog27th Jan 2022

    AAB People

    My journey with AAB People (so far)

    I joined the AAB People team in August 2021 and even though it has only been 5 months, it feels like it has been about 5 years (in a good way of course!) as I settled in so quickly. Currently,…

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  12. Blog21st Jan 2022


    Employee Engagement

    In an increasingly competitive market for talent, insight remuneration data as contained in this report is key to ensure employers remain aligned with market. Pay is undoubtedly a motivator, key to fulfilling a wide range of employee needs, signalling achievement,…

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