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  1. Blog7th Jan 2022


    What is the Psychological Contract and why is it so important?

    The psychological contract is a key part of building an attractive employer brand to attract potential recruits and retaining employees. Understanding how this contact is formed, maintained and what elements are vital to individual employees, HR processes, policies, benefits and…

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  2. Blog18th Nov 2021

    AAB People

    My first six months at AAB People

    I began working with AAB People in May 2021. With three months to go until I finished my master’s degree I knew it would be a challenge to work full time and also carry out research for my dissertation, however…

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  3. Blog10th Nov 2021


    How to build and support neurodiversity in the workplace?

    Digital tech skills are in high demand across Scotland, and there a number of unfilled vacancies. Building a neurodiverse workforce is advantageous because neurodiverse people possess the skills particularly needed right now as businesses adopt more advanced technology.  What is neurodiversity?  The term ‘neurodiversity’ refers…

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  4. Blog21st Oct 2021


    My learning journey so far 

      When I joined AAB People, I was extremely excited to join an environment where there is an emphasis on learning and development. As I recently graduated in 2019, I was eager to continue my learning journey and develop into a well-rounded HR…

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  5. Blog14th Oct 2021

    Stacking-cubes-image-e1651495691558 (1)

    Does your organisation place enough focus on talent management?

    One of the key findings from the 2021 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD’s) Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey (published in September) shows that only 46% of organisations have a workforce planning strategy based on a robust understanding of…

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  6. Blog30th Sep 2021


    Hybrid working post-pandemic

    Pre pandemic, it was common for businesses to work entirely from a set place of work such as the company’s office. If an employee wished to work from an alternative location, this would have been considered under flexible working legislation. The pandemic has transformed the way people work and how leadership teams think, as companies realise hybrid and flexible working can be a viable option to adopt in the post pandemic world.

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  7. Blog2nd Sep 2021

    AAB People

    My First Few Months with AAB People

    Scott Baxter reflects on his first few months since joining the business as Senior HR Consultant and shares some insights into our culture, client base and his experience so far!

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  8. Blog28th Aug 2021


    Right to Work – Remote Checks Extended

    The adjusted Right to Work checks guidance published by the Home Office in March 2020, temporarily lifting the requirements for employers to conduct right to work checks in-person to verify original versions of relevant documents such as passports, birth certificates or immigration status documents has now been extended again until 5 April 2022.

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  9. Blog12th Aug 2021


    My Career Journey and Internship with AAB People

    This year we have been absolutely delighted to offer our first ever summer internship within AAB People, with Folashade having joined us initially in July for a six week period, which has since been extended into September. In this inspiring…

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  10. Blog5th Jul 2021


    Our Equality & Diversity Pledge

    AAB People are dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Following pride month, we’re sharing our Equality and Diversity Pledge which details our ongoing commitment to support and ally with those in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. This…

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  11. Blog13th May 2021


    A Tale of Two Epidemics

    During Mental Health Awareness week, our recent new hire Scott Baxter shares insights and reflections on mental health in the workplace, the impact of coronavirus and some suggestions on workplace support and coping techniques......

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  12. Blog22nd Apr 2021


    Virtual Interviews – Here to Stay?

    The pandemic has led to a huge increase in virtual interviews and hiring processes. Here are some insights and top tips for employers on getting the most out of these technologies and tools, to maximise their advantage and improve the candidate experience…

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