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  1. Blog26th Oct 2022

    First Impressions ….. Getting a new employee Onboard

    Onboarding is fundamentally the process to which an employee is welcomed into the business and where a lasting impact on the continuing working relationship is established. It should be viewed as an investment, it’s a bit more than a first…

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  2. Blog14th Sep 2022

    Do you have to give employees the day off on a bank holiday?

    Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the government has announced a National Day of Mourning and bank holiday on Monday 19th September. For the 2nd time this year, this is an extra bank holiday to the standard…

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  3. Blog31st Aug 2022

    What is the point of HR?

    A harsh question to be written by an HR professional, but one that is undoubtedly often asked by small businesses, where people “issues” are more likely to be far and few between. But is HR only about the problems and…

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  4. Blog10th Aug 2022


    Will Boomerang Employees become the next big trend?

    A boomerang employee is an employee who resigns from the company and takes up employment elsewhere, before later returning to work for the previous employer. Experts such as Anthony Klotz, the person who predicted ‘The Great Resignation’, has predicted that…

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  5. Blog26th Jul 2022

    How to recruit in 2022

    Nearly every business has seen recruitment become increasingly difficult in the last 2 years. This has been driven by a number of factors but the most prominent in their affect on day to day recruitment are Brexit and Covid. Brexit…

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  6. Blog29th Jun 2022

    Group of people chatting within workplace

    The Power of Inclusive Language in Recruitment

    As individuals, we all see the world through a different lens depending on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences. This influences our judgment and assessment of others and the situations we are confronted with. Collectively, we hold beliefs and…

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  7. Blog29th Jun 2022

    Are you legally obliged to provide a contract of employment?

    Most employers provide their employees with a contract of employment when they start with a new employer. It’s common practice across the UK and is essential to set out the expected terms of an employee’s role and their remuneration package.…

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  8. Blog1st Jun 2022

    Is hybrid working here to stay?

    Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic only 5% of workers had a remote working contract in the UK with around 30% of people reporting that they had ever worked from home. This grew rapidly when the covid pandemic hit, with over…

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  9. Blog17th May 2022

    Becoming a Licensed Sponsor

    The UK is currently facing a labour shortage, economists say the explanation for the current strength of the labour market is simple: demand for workers has been going up at a time when their supply has been limited. On the…

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  10. Blog2nd May 2022

    Training your management team blog image

    The importance of training your management team 

    It is not unusual for start-up businesses to grow faster than their resources can match. A common concern for technical start-ups is how they can develop their staff so that employees can grow with the business.   These ambitious businesses are…

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  11. Blog18th Feb 2022

    AAB People partners with Scottish EDGE

    We have an exciting announcement! AAB People are now a Scottish EDGE partner.

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  12. Blog7th Jan 2022

    The psychological contract image AAB People

    What is the Psychological Contract?

    The psychological contract is a key part of building an attractive employer brand to attract potential recruits and retaining employees. Understanding how this contact is formed, maintained and what elements are vital to individual employees, HR processes, policies, benefits and…

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