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  1. Blog27th May 2020


    Returning to the Workplace – 6 Key Considerations for Employers

    On Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister announced that businesses in England may re-open where employees are unable to work from home. A route map was subsequently published by the Scottish Government on 21st May, setting out a phased approach…

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  2. Blog24th May 2020


    Reducing Costs and Retaining Talent: Alternatives to Redundancy

    In times of crisis and economic uncertainly, many business owners are under pressure financially and may need to consider ways to reduce costs. Particularly in innovation and knowledge-based businesses, whilst people are often the highest outgoing on the balance sheet,…

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  3. Blog12th May 2020


    Supporting the Wellbeing of Furloughed Employees

    An estimated quarter of the UK workforce are currently furloughed and whilst furloughed staff are unable to work for your business, it is vital to keep them connected, engaged and mentally fit during this period of leave. It is during…

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  4. Blog6th May 2020


    The Importance of Developing Your Manager Team

    The majority of startup businesses are charging forward at speed, often growing faster than their resources can match. A common concern for technical startups is looking at how they can develop their staff so that employees can grow with the…

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  5. Blog22nd Apr 2020


    A Guide to Virtual Onboarding

    Recent weeks have seen many of us adapting to remote working from home offices, and businesses juggling to continue operating in a whole new environment.  Whilst many companies have put a temporary hold on recruiting and onboarding new talent, not…

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  6. Blog9th Apr 2020


    Creative Team Building Activities for Remote Working

    While remote and agile working practices are commonplace in today’s workforce, the current situation is a whole new ballgame and has seen entire businesses going remote overnight. When your team are working remotely, a different approach is needed for maintaining…

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  7. Blog2nd Apr 2020


    Coronavirus Q&A – Advice for Employers

    We share our answers to some of the pertinent questions employers are asking in light of the current Coronavirus outbreak.   What evidence should we ask for if an employee is unable to work due to having Coronavirus symptoms? A…

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  8. Blog23rd Mar 2020


    Managing Remote Teams Effectively

    With employers now facing the challenge of leading fully remote teams, this non-exhaustive list of tips is intended to help managers set themselves and their teams up for successful remote working, from both a team productivity and also a wellbeing and…

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  9. Blog15th Mar 2020


    HR Policies for Startups – What you should have in place and why

    Providing clarity of expectations for employees as you build your team is key for any successful start-up or small business. Outlining these in clear and concise HR policies and sharing/communicating these with your employees at as early a stage as…

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  10. Blog5th Mar 2020

    International Women’s Day #IWD2020 #EachforEqual

    March 8th is recognised globally as International Women’s Day (IWD) and is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. IWD is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes and channel efforts towards gender equality. This year’s theme…

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  11. Blog20th Feb 2020


    Creating and Championing a Flexible Working Culture

    The demand for flexible working is huge and wide ranging amongst today’s workforce with employees increasingly expecting to be able to work with less constraints. Last month Family Friendly Working Scotland hosted their inaugural FlexibleWorkFest which brought together around 120…

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  12. Blog4th Feb 2020


    Streamline your HR admin with a cloud-based system

    Founding and running a startup business is incredibly challenging. As soon as you employ your first person, you’re dealing with the daily people-related tasks and responsibilities. According to research, CEOs of small and medium sized businesses lose one fifth of…

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