HR & Payroll Administrator


Sam Bounds, HR & Payroll Administrator

Who I help

Clients in Cyber Security, Hospitality and Beauty.

How I help

HR Administration. Payroll Processing

“I provide my clients with peace of mind that I have everything handled”

Sam Bounds is a HR & Payroll Administrator based in our London Office. She supports clients across a variety of sectors at all stages of the employee lifecycle. This means that one day she might be supporting with the onboarding of new members to the team and another she might be dealing with offboarding. The fact that her role varies depending on the client is something that Sam enjoys as every day brings new challenges and opportunities.

Alongside supporting with the employee lifecycle Sam assists with payroll related tasks. For one client she might be collating the payroll information to hand over to an external team and for another she might be completing the payroll or answering payroll enquiries or questions. No matter which client Sam is working for, she ensures that she works to the agreed deadlines and delivers each and every time.

Providing peace of mind

I believe it’s really important for any relationship to be built on a basis of transparency and honesty. I like to build good rapport with clients and show them from the start that I am very approachable and there to support them with their HR and Payroll related tasks. If my clients don’t feel like they can come to me with queries or don’t feel that I’ll support them with tasks, then our relationship won’t be successful. So, making sure that I work to deadlines we’ve clearly outlined and keeping them appraised of the progress of projects is really important to me. This is something I feel clients appreciate because it provides them with peace of mind and also means that they can plan everything they need to on their end and are aware of how things are progressing. This means there should not be any surprises when we get to the end of a project and keeps everyone informed.

When it comes to collating and running payroll it’s really important that I am both efficient and also honest. Money can be a sensitive subject for people, so I always aim to quickly answer any and all payroll enquiries and questions. I ensure that the payroll is processed on the correct dates, so no one is ever waiting on me. Ensuring payroll is a seamless and smooth process is of utmost importance and something I pride myself on. This often means being proactive and ensuring I have the relevant information before I actually require it.

Variety of my role

I work with clients across a variety of sectors, and I love that. My job has so much variety because of the difference in every client I work across. This range provides me with the ability to learn from different areas of different businesses which helps and supports my development and knowledge. There’s nothing better than being useful- when a client comes to me and they’re thankful about the support I’ve been able to give them or when I’ve answered a query, and the person understands that’s something I love about my job.

Getting the right balance

I love being able to switch between virtual and hands on. It gives our clients more that we’re able to work within their offices and integrate ourselves seamlessly within their teams but also that we can work remotely, and it doesn’t feel any different than if we were onsite with the team. Technology has come so far, and it is truly amazing the way in which it’s able to enable us to work better from further away.

It’s about getting the balance right and also meeting the needs of the client. If there’s a specific project we’re working on, and it would be better for me to be face to face I can accommodate for this. Being able delight our clients and meet their needs is great.

Clients best interest at heart

It’s important for me to know when to say no. One of my greatest challenges is the deadlines for payroll. It can be difficult to manage those at the same time as other projects that clients might want completed urgently. To avoid as much disruption as possible I am really organised with my payroll deadlines.

If I need to, I’m not afraid to push back and ask for more time on other projects. Ensuring that employees are paid on time and paid correctly is a real priority for me and for the businesses I work with so if something else needs to flex for that I’ll make sure it does. I always have a good relationship with my clients so they know that if I am pushing back and asking if something can be done another time it’s because its in their best interest so I can give the task my all and get it completed on time.

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