Resourcing Co-ordinator


Who I help

Clients in the cyber security sector

How I help

Recruitment. Scheduling interview. Co-ordinating recruitment activities.

“I always go into a project with the client’s best interests at heart”

Amanda Rowe is a Resourcing Co-ordinator. Based in our London office she supports her clients with all their resourcing needs. This involves careful planning and co-ordination as she works to align different scheduled to get the process started at the right time.

Resourcing, Amanda says is different every day. She works across different departments and teams who have varied needs and asks so there’s a lot of shifting priorities and having to remember what each individual team is looking for. This ensures that she’s kept on her toes and able to work flexibly to the needs for her clients. Being organised and well-prepared enables her to successfully do so.

Honesty, transparency, and clarity

“My main goal when I’m working with clients is to always maintain clear and honest communication. If they’ve let me know they’re hiring for a position I will work proactively to get someone in that role as quickly as I can. Establishing clear and open communication from the beginning ensures that I’m able to do my job to the best of my ability- it lets the client know what’s going on and means we can work together effectively.

I always ensure my communication is responsive as well. Giving clients updates and letting them know quickly if anything has changed that will have an impact on them. That’s something I know they appreciate. One of the greatest compliments I’ve received is that I’m “really responsive and that the hard work I put in is reaping rewards that speak for themselves. We’ve been able to smash targets for the teams since we started working together which is so rewarding to know that it’s going well.”

The right person for the right role

“I always go into a project with the client’s best interests at heart. It’s not just about filling a seat for me- having just anyone in a role isn’t what I’m trying to achieve. I want to have the right people in the right roles. That’s what clients are expecting me to be able to achieve so that’s what I ensure I do.

There’s no better feeling than being able to deliver for clients. Giving them a candidate that they believe is also perfect for the job and delighting the hiring manager as well.”

Not afraid to take control of a situation

“In my role I love working in collaboration with other teams. It does sometimes, however, mean that I have to strike an important balance and be assertive and direct to get what I need to keep a project moving.

Being proactive is key. I don’t just want for that information I need to come to me. I’m happy to follow up, chase and get projects moved over the line as quickly as I can. The teams I work with appreciate that- they like that I’ll actively take control of a situation to get the best result I can for them.”

Technology makes everything more accessible

“Technology is truly amazing. As a lot of the work, I carry out is remote it literally enables me to be able to complete my job from anywhere. I don’t need to be in the same vicinity as my clients to be able to help them and I appreciate the helping hand technology gives me in this respect all the time.

With tech I feel like there’ no space between me and my clients even though we’re often in completely different countries. I can still do all the things I would be able to do if I was physically in their offices. It’s great to be able to build those relationships even though we’re not in the same place. While it can have its downsides I often think of technology as an enabler because especially for the role that I have it enables me to reach and connect with a diverse range of people throughout the recruitment process which in turn helps me to ensure I’m selecting the right people for the right roles.”

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