Leaders within organisations. 


Supporting leaders to improve and build their own capabilities. Problem-solving. Advising clients on problems and opportunities. Fine tuning what clients really need and working alongside them to deliver results.


All sectors. 

“Being a leader requires assertiveness, bravery, & an ability to make sure your voice is heard.”

Based in Belfast, Emer Hinphey is a Partner in AAB People. Emer was the CEO and Co-Founder of Think People Consulting, which has become part of AAB People. Emer’s approach is the same as AAB People’s: practical and pragmatic; bespoke to the size, culture, and objectives of each unique organisation. Emer works with the team to develop and implement business-propelling people and culture solutions and sustaining lasting partnerships with clients, many of whom Emer has worked with for years, even decades! 


“I have a history of building strong, honest relationships with clients, some of which I can now call friends. It’s hugely rewarding to help a client either individually or for the sake of the business, to bounce off ideas and develop approaches that optimise opportunities for them in the short and long term. I really thrive in client facing work and have enjoyed the opportunity to work across industry sectors and with scaling business to global PLCs. It can be challenging at times to juggle the differing demands, I really enjoy the range of work involved – it suits my personality and certainly never gets boring!” 


“We’re a people-centred business but tech is certainly where a lot of the future opportunities lie. We’re benefitting greatly from a tech-enabled approach that sees us delivering leadership programmes around the world. 

We also work on global face to face projects.  One of our high-profile global clients recently commented on an event we ran for 120 of their leaders coming together from around the world: “this is the best quality event we have run for many years.” We can be perceived as small being based on the island of Ireland, but I’m proud that the knowledge and skills we have as team and AAB Group are world class!” 


“Having co-founded a business myself, I bring an entrepreneurial mindset to the job and can relate to the feelings and situations that a lot of my clients experience. Being a leader requires a level of assertiveness, bravery, and an ability to make sure your voice is heard in a way that people respect and hear you. I believe the success of our client base is a testament to the level of new thinking we bring to an organisation and individual, no matter where they are in their journey.” 


“It’s important that HR people see themselves as businesspeople and build the expertise required to deliver genuinely differentiating commercial and strategic solutions for the organisation. The industry is improving but there’s still a long way to go – if we can learn anything from the past few years, it’s that people and culture need to be seen as a strategic component, not just firefighting!” 

Proud to support a diverse range of clients