Principal Consultant


Who I help

All employers, regardless of size or sector, across NI, but also GB and ROI.

How I help

By partnering with companies to solve problems, ensure compliance, enforcing policy where necessary, but supporting employers to do the best for their people.

“Providing solutions that are commercially sound & brings as little disruption as possible.”

Emmet Owens is a Principal Consultant based out of our Belfast office. He supports a wide variety of clients who may not have an internal HR function or who may need additional HR support within their teams. With over 13 years’ experience working in HR, Emmet uses his extensive knowledge and proven experience to solve problems for clients that they might not be able to solve themselves. Emmet supports a wide range of clients across private, public and third sector organisations from technology to professional services, engineering, industrial and hospitality.

Working alongside already existing HR teams is where Emmet thrives as he is able to provide an additional skillset that they may not have inhouse. By working with and for such a wide range of clients he is able to further develop his knowledge and experience, which in turn help him to offer improved services and solutions.


“A significant part of what I do involves listening to what clients have to say and acting in a way that respects their needs and wishes, and offers protections for employees where needed. I strongly believe that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should – there’s no one size fits all approach, and you need to consider the wider picture and impact that decisions can make on the business. For me, it is about providing solutions that are commercially sound and bring as little disruption as possible.”


“It can be easy to get bogged down with different opinions, perceptions, and emotions when working with clients. What I come in to do is find the calm in all the noise and pinpoint the root issue at hand. In these situations, I promise honesty, accuracy, and accountability. The decisions I make are data-driven and evidence based, and especially in the case of complex and sensitive investigations, I base findings around the facts available and applying a balanced approach when needed.”


“I often find I’m happiest with a piece of work where decisions have been challenged and there’s been open communication between myself and the clients to find the best solution for them. I never shy away from a phone call and I’m always open to being challenged on the suggestions I make. Equally, I encourage my clients to challenge themselves by reflecting on decisions that may negatively impact their business, using my experiences to influence decisions which make the greatest positive impact.”


“I’m excited by the opportunities that technology present us with. The virtual approach means we can do things more efficiently and can expedite project processes – clients can get answers quick and from a commercial perspective, it brings efficient time management too – I find this extremely valuable. However, some of the cases I deal with focus on issues that are considered highly sensitive and it’s crucial to implement that face-to-face approach. You need clients and their employees to feel comfortable with you and I feel like trust is easier built when you’re in front of an individual, working together.

For me, it’s always going to be best to take on a hybrid approach. Being able to offer our clients a mix of both – virtual if they prefer or face to face just adds an additional string to our bow. It means that we’re able to meet their needs easily because we have the tools and capabilities to offer both approaches.”


“As part AAB Group, I’m really excited about the opportunities for professional development and wider collaboration, not just for myself but for the wider team. I’m passionate about the role I can play and how my efforts might contribute to our continued success. I also take great pride in seeing others do well, I believe that the growth journey that AAB are on will be pivotal role in making this happen for the team, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us!”

Proud to support a diverse range of clients