HR & Employment Law Manager



A range of SME clients based across Scotland and the UK.


Supporting fit-for-purpose, legally compliant HR infrastructure whilst also supporting complex employee relations issues.


AAB Payroll & Benefits team.


Based in Aberdeen, Frances Wood is a Senior HR Team Lead. Frances provides an exceptional HR service to a range of clients, offering advice and expertise on a wide range of HR-related topics. With the ability to remain target-driven and results-focused, Frances is also responsible for leading a small team. She focuses on their contribution and development whilst ensuring they remain motivated, challenged and, most of all, included as part of the wider team.


“In my opinion, an ideal relationship with a client is one in which there is mutual trust and respect, and of course one where you can both have a laugh! Building that kind of well-rounded relationship where you can incorporate both your professional approach and the personal side of things is important. Having a genuine rapport helps us get to know our clients as people, and knowing and understanding our clients is fundamental to ensuring that we can give them the best possible advice and guidance for their specific situation, the challenges they’re facing, and their short and long term goals.

Having a positive and solid relationship with clients is also crucial because it fosters trust. My clients know they can rely on me – on my knowledge and expertise, and that I’ll always give them a helping hand and words of support when they need it.”


“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is when I have helped them with a tricky situation – it’s a great feeling knowing that they’re able to sleep better at night because of me and the help I’ve been able to give them.

In terms of working with colleagues, it’s really just a satisfying relationship in general. My colleagues are so lovely and supportive; any time one of us is struggling with a particular problem or a heavy workload, we are always there to help.”


“The greatest challenge I face in my work is being able to switch into the mindset of different clients throughout the day and knowing that one size doesn’t always fit all – it’s crucial that I have that mental flexibility. Keeping up to date and understanding the client’s needs is the key to success and also the biggest challenge.”


“What excites me most about the future is the direction and continued integration with AAB. It’s a really exciting time with so much change and so many developments – being part of a much wider team is great because it means more opportunities to help and a wider pool of experience to draw from.”


“The extensive breadth and depth of my knowledge and experience are my greatest strengths. I really enjoy meeting new people and there’s something great about being able to help.

I’m able to be creative in problem-solving, as well as proactive in avoiding potential problems. A client said recently that “my energy, diligence and proactivity has been brilliant” which was great to hear. There’s a sense of urgency I can tap into whenever I need to, and the fact that I’m knowledgeable about the field I’m in means I work with confidence.”


“Sometimes, HR gets a bit of a negative rap; we’re quite often seen as the ‘policy police’. It isn’t really until we are needed for something in particular that our importance is recognised. Being in HR also means we provide the support where we can, but we don’t always have the opportunity to get support for ourselves. Fortunately, I work in a team where we genuinely value each other and can provide an internal network of support.”

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