HR Advisor


Who I help

SMEs and high-growth, investor backed businesses.

How I help

Putting knowledge into practice in all areas of HR. Ensuring a high standard of work to help clients achieve their People goals.


Holly Cockburn is a HR Advisor based in our Edinburgh office.

Holly’s role is varied. She often find that no two days are the same. Holly helps a variety of clients, dependent on their needs and ensuring that clients are satisfied with the support they receive.

Technology is key

“A lot of the work that I do is carried out virtually. I love that technology is available to help me carry out my tasks from wherever I am. I think technology makes everything we do easier, not just virtually but also face-to-face. It means we can schedule in person meetings and have quick and effective communication with clients. I love the hybrid approach as it allows me to meet clients needs giving them their preferred form of communication.”

Ever-changing HR landscape

“HR is always changing with new policies and guidance. It’s so important that I keep up to date with any and all changes so I can provide knowledge and guidance to clients. HR is such an integral part of businesses. I think often people can think negatively of HR but we’re not there to be the bad guys. We are there to support businesses dynamics in a positive way that benefits everyone.”

Knowledge is power

“There’s so many facets to HR that it’s impossible to be an expert on everything. That’s something amazing about the team as we have many experts throughout. I can utilise my colleagues expertise when I’m unsure of an area to help overcome this challenge. Being part of the wider AAB Group means that we have experts in different areas of running a business so if I don’t have the answer clients have direct access to someone who will. Having this wealth of experience is great because I’ve been able to further my HR knowledge by learning from colleagues more experienced than me!”

Period of growth

“The launch of AAB People is really exciting. The group as a whole is going through a period of growth and it’s amazing to be part of the team while it all happens. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Positive culture

“I’ve only been at AAB People for a short time but it’s evident that people are really valued here. One of the group values is that nothing is more important than our people and it’s a valued that is really lived and part of the culture. I feel that at AAB People I have the platform and support to really progress my career which isn’t something other organisations have.”

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