HR Administration Assistant


Who I help

The wider team and clients that we support with HR services.

How I help

Monitoring shared inboxes, supporting HR advisors, consultants, and business development. Taking on various HR and admin tasks to ensure that everything is running smoothly for the team to enable them to support clients.


Ivelina Nikolova is an HR Admin Assistant based in our Edinburgh office.

For Ivelina, every day is different. With a varied role offering support to a wide range of departments and helping them to support clients, Ivelina works closely with many of her colleagues.

Everyone is valued

“We have a real team ethos that I love. We are all working towards the same goal- delivering an amazing service to our clients. There’s no hierarchy because we are all valued in providing that service and everyone has a part to play. No matter your role you’re important and valued and that’s great.”

Honesty & transparency

“It’s important that we have a close strong relationship with clients. They need to be able to trust us and for me, ensuring that trust is there and that I know clients on a personal level is the best way to do so. For us to be able to meet the needs of clients we expect transparency and honesty from them, so it makes sense that we give them that back. This helps us to integrate with clients and offer a seamless and smooth HR service that feels like the rest of the organisation.”

Technology gives a helping hand

“I love a face-to-face approach when it comes to working. Face-to-face allows you to get to know clients and colleagues on a more personal level which is necessary for HR. However, the importance of technology cannot be denied. I think technology allows us to have better face-to-face interactions. It allows us to have quicker communication with clients and colleagues anywhere and at any time.”

Quality over quantity

“With such a varied workload there are often times when I’m juggling client and colleague projects. This requires me to prioritise my workload. Something I pride myself on is being able to take a step back from the situation, think, and make a level-headed decision. For us, it’s quality over quantity and I’d rather do a couple of things to the highest standard than lots of things that are all done badly.”

HR is here to help

“People often think of HR as being boring, stressful, or – worse – a department to be feared. That’s not true at all. We are there to support the rest of the business and to positively shape the company. At AAB People I’ve had so much variety in my busy schedule, but I think it’s better to be busy than to be bored and there’s been so much laughter with the team. HR is there to help ensure work is a place that everyone enjoys, what is there to be feared about that?”

Positive culture

“AAB has an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm, and fun. A lot of workplaces say that but don’t actually mean it. AAB genuinely lives that. It’s an amazing and truly positive working environment filled with positive and friendly people. It’s so motivating that even when work is a little difficult or hectic everyone is in the same boat, and everyone maintains a positive attitude to keep us all motivated.

AAB is constantly evolving and changing. It’s an exciting time to work at AAB and I’m excited to see where the group will go next in this journey.”

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