Who I help

SMEs. Start-ups. Family businesses. High-growth businesses. Multinationals. Higher education. Charities.

How I help

Building tailored & impactful programmes. Delivering high quality leadership solutions.


Public sector. Not-for-profits.

“I Deliver learning & development solutions that transform leaders.”

Jacqui Jolmes is a Principal for Learning and Development. Based in our Belfast office she helps clients by delivering high quality leadership development solutions throughout the UK and Ireland. She’s a firm believer that people are organisations biggest differentiators and are at the heart of organisational success.

Jacqui’s goal is to foster brilliant leadership at all levels. Through tailored, impactful programmes, we inspire leaders that stand out for their ability to inspire, connect, and make a lasting difference enhancing their organisations’ performance and shape their industries and markets.

Realising Potential

“When I work with clients, I integrate the latest insights from behavioural change, neuroscience, and leadership best practices to craft optimal development solutions. My greatest joy comes from seeing a people apply their learning, realising the difference it makes and fostering an appetite for continuous personal development.

I am certified in DiSC and Insights Psychometric Tools. I’m an advocate for these tools to enhance self-awareness and see them add value to learning and development solutions by providing individuals with a deeper understanding of their behavioural preferences, communication styles, and interpersonal dynamics. This awareness is a foundation of personal and professional growth, as it allows individuals to identify their strengths, areas for improvement, and how they can adapt their behaviour to work more effectively with others. In learning and development solutions, these insights facilitate more targeted and impactful leadership development, foster better teamwork, decision making, and resilience, all of which link directly to sustainable organisational performance.”

I fundamentally believe in leaders and their potential, and in our ability, at AAB People to guide and shape that potential. The values I bring to my work are curiosity, openness, excellence and inclusivity.”

No two days the same

“One of my favourite parts of my role is the diversity of every day. One day I’m helping a team understand their different personalities and communication preferences to foster better ways of working. The next day I can be working with a group of future leaders helping them engage more strategically within their business. What stays constant though, is my strong desire to bring a fresh approach and encourage positive change.

The range of learning and development solutions I lead includes tailored management and leadership development programmes, high potential and emerging leaders programmes, graduate development programmes, career navigation, learning calendar solutions, communities of practice, team development activities, stand-alone workshops on specific topics such as communication, resilience and change navigation.”

Crafting tailored solutions

“Always listen first is my motto. Before crafting a solution I must understand the client’s values, strategy, culture, and goals for the project. This ensures that we deliver highly relevant interactive, engaging and thought-provoking learning experiences.”

Making a tangible difference

“I appreciate that our clients need to know their investment in learning and development is providing a return for the business. Good leadership development leaves clues and we work with clients from programme initiation to identify measures for success that demonstrate the impact of leadership development on business results.”

Excited for the possibilities the future brings

“At AAB People we work across the UK and Ireland. With so many specialists and truly innovative and excellent people in our team, I’m constantly inspired to work harder, do better, be better and achieve more. Working in a team like this is motivating and helps me work towards my career goals.

I love being able to support members of the team with their personal career goals as well. As a principal I’m able to share my knowledge and experiences with them and to see them grow in confidence, ability and competence is amazing. As leaders I think we have a really important role to help shape our own successors – it’s something that I take very seriously and am passionate about.”

Proud to support a diverse range of clients