HR Associate Consultant


Who I help

Sole traders. Multinational organisation. Public sectors bodies.

How I help

Reviewing policies. Recruitment onboarding.


Public Sector.

“My aim is to provide as much value as possible.”

Based in our Belfast office, Lisa Morrison is an HR Associate Consultant. In her role Lisa assists the consultants with client delivery. As such, she gets involved with tasks across a wide range of HR functions. One day she might be supporting in the review of policies for one client while another she might be taking part in the initial stages of the recruitment process- screening potential candidates.

As someone more junior in the team. Lisa loves that her role places her in the prime position to learn and develop from those in more senior roles. Working alongside them to help her achieve her career goals.

Active listening helps to build relationships

“Something really important in building relationships is active listening I believe it’s one of the most underrated tools out there. Sometimes we might think we’re listening to someone but we’re not fully comprehending what they’re saying and what it means. When we actively listen however, we’re able to really understand what the person is saying, responding and reflect on that and retain that information for later.

This helps us to create open and honest relationships with clients because they know we care- they know we’ve taken the time to get to know them, what they want and how we can help them. When we actively listen, we instantly have better communication.”

Rare two days are the same

“One of my favourite parts of my role is just how much variety there is. There’s variety in our clients in our workloads and across the team. As someone who came from an inhouse HR role. I’m really enjoying all that variety. It’s enabled me to develop new though processes when it comes to providing advice to clients and it’s enabled me to learn from so many colleagues. Already in such a short space of time I’ve widened my HR knowledge tenfold.”

Best of both worlds

“I’m really enjoying having a hybrid work pattern. Knowing that I don’t have to be in the office every day helps me to prioritise tasks that need more focus at home. The virtual element of being a tech-enabled business is great for that because it means I can do my job from anywhere and still provide as much value for clients and to the consultants I support.

At the same time. I love being face-to-face. Being in the office gives me such an opportunity to listen and learn from the team. It helps me to develop those relationships, ask them questions and further my knowledge. A hybrid approach helps us to have the best of both worlds.”

What we can achieve together, is immeasurable

“The importance of collaboration cannot be denied. It’s something I saw when coming into AAB People and something I’ve seen everyday since. We are stronger as a team in numbers. We all want to see our colleagues win and help our clients achieve their goals. Everyone is so willing to help and more than willing to answer any questions I might have which helps me to develop.

The AAB People teamwork across the UK and Ireland. To be able to effectively work as a team collaboration is so important. That might look different i.e. it might be collaborating on a project or collaborating by sharing knowledge. No matter what we’re collaborating on it’s always happening across the team. This is so important to me because there’s no better team in my eyes than us when we work together to achieve a common goal. Being in a team like this is so motivating for me, it pushes me to want to do better and play my part in delivering a high-quality service as a team.”

Proud to support a diverse range of clients