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Any people issue, whether it be a long-term absence issue that they are not sure how to deal with, a TUPE transfer, or want to look at their culture then I will be there to support and advise them.


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Lois McMurtrie is the HR & Employment Law Service Lead. Based in our Glasgow office, Lois supports the Managing Director and the team to provide an exceptional HR and Employment Law advice and support service to our clients. Lois also supports clients in a range of sectors with their HR needs, with a focus on HR strategy and complex HR processes.

Trust & Mutual Respect

“An ideal relationship with a client is one of trust and mutual respect, where the client trusts and values your advice and opinion but also that we can respect that clients have a business to run and we will perhaps need to explore several solutions to their issue, to bring the matter to a conclusion that works for them.

Clients can expect me to be honest, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! I genuinely like to get to know my clients and their lives outside of work. Clients are looking for us to help them, so I believe in doing what we can to support them through the issue that they are facing.”

Taking away the stress

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is knowing that you have been able to solve a problem for them and taken away some of the stress that comes with running a business. Being part of a consultancy means we get a wide range of experience working with different sizes of businesses, in various sectors so we are then in a unique position to share those experiences with other clients.”

Embracing diversity

“I am a people person and I truly believe that ’many hands make light work’. Sometimes you need to get your head down and just get through your work, but a lot of the time with what we do, it really helps to be able to talk things through with a colleague and get their perspective on how they would approach something. I also think a great thing about being part of a diverse workforce allows you to take on board other people’s thoughts and opinions that you would not even have considered. I would always seek out the chance to work with others across the business as I think it is a great way to learn.

I also really enjoy working with my colleagues as I think you can learn a lot from each other and it can make you a more well-rounded HR professional. I also think going to work is about having fun. I love being part of a team and working together to achieve something really great.”

Pragmatic approach

“My strengths are having the ability to form strong relationships quickly and also to offer a common sense solution to a problem. I would say that my approach to HR is to give clear, pragmatic advice that is not an off the shelf answer. I also feel strongly that we are giving advice to clients and not telling them what to do or how to run their business, so it is very much about working with them to find a good resolution to their issues.”

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