Whistleblowing Assistant Manager



Any private or public sector organisation.


Whistleblowing Service. Fraud Prevention and Investigation. 


Food & Drink. Retail. Healthcare Not for Profit.  


Louise Cheyne is a Whistleblowing Assistant Manager. Her role is to implement confidential whistleblowing arrangements for our clients to enhance their corporate governance and ethical framework.   

Based in Aberdeen, Louise works with clients from various industries to provide their employees, subcontractors’, and third-party members with a safe confidential space to report any concerns they have of unethical behaviours that are occurring in their workplace. Alongside the team she helps clients to identify, prevent and deter unethical behaviour, assist them with promoting a culture of honesty and transparency across their organisation by providing their employees with a safe and supportive environment for them to raise concerns.  


“We mainly work with our clients HR departments to support them with delivering a robust whistleblowing arrangement for their organisation, but we also work with compliance officers, health and safety officers and finance managers who are responsible for investigating reports received through our services. The type of service we provide means that these clients expect us to deliver their services with minimal input from them. As our services are focussed on their employees, they expect us to support their staff when they contact us but also ensure that we gather all the relevant information to enable a thorough investigation into the allegations of wrongdoing. 

“An ideal relationship with a client is one where both parties work together to deliver the services that benefit their employees whilst also enhancing the organisations corporate governance. This is what I always strive for.”  


“The services we provide our clients is always virtual. We provide our clients employees with hotline numbers and online web forms that their employees can use to make a confidential disclosure. This can be a challenge, in that we need to ensure that our services are known to our clients’ employees. We respond to this challenge by providing a suite of marketing materials to allow employers to promote the services across their workplace locations.

The aspect I find most satisfying about working with our clients is that the services we provide help our clients to improve the culture in the workplace. Whistleblowing is often viewed in a negative light when it should be considered a positive. Blowing the whistle enables employers to know what is going on in their business and allow them to put in place the appropriate corrective measures.” 


“The greatest compliment that a client has paid me came from a whistleblower who stated that without our services they would not have felt empowered to raise their concern with their employer. I believe that my ability to listen and understand our clients’ frustrations and deliver a solution that helps their business is one of my greatest strengths. I have a genuine passion for my role and helping my clients and am excited to continue to learn more about my industry to allow us to continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients and their employees.”  

Proud to support a diverse range of clients