Who I help

Organisations in the automotive, tech, professional services and cosmetic industries

How I help

Developing processes & templates and partnering with managers to develop their teams.

“I’m very much a quality, over quantity person”

Louise Horne is a Senior HR Advisor based in our London office. Her role involves  looking after anything and everything HR related for clients. That includes recruitment right through to employee offboarding and everything in between.

Louise loves developing processes and templates for her clients whilst maintaining a commercial approach. For her, mastering the basics is an important element in the smooth running of a HR function and helps to create a positive experience for the client.

Finger on the pulse

“I believe regular communication with client- whether that’s virtually, or in person is really important to building a great relationship. I like to be able to flex to the needs of the client so that they have the support they need from me when they need it.

Having regular communication helps me to keep up to date with what’s going on within their business. It also enables them to tell me if there’s any challenges the client is facing that I can support them with.”

Adapting to the client

“Every client I work with is different. Whether that’s the industry they work within or the people that make up their organisation. That’s one of my favourite parts of my role- that I get to support such a diverse variety of clients and help them to achieve their goals.

That often means that I have to be adaptable with my style to suit the needs of the business and also the culture of the business I’m supporting. This is something I love being able to do because it gives me a chance to further develop my skills and knowledge.”

Open and honest with clients

I strive to always be open and honest with clients with the aim of building a great relationship I will always flag potential risks associated with a decision that a client wants to take, with the understanding that it is their decision to make in the end, and I am here to support them in any way that I can.

I’m in a really unique position coming into our clients’ teams. I get to not only find out about their organisation and get to know its people, its culture, its goals. I get to support that from an outside perspective which means I can truthfully give them guidance and also share knowledge of what I’ve seen other organisations do that has been successful.”

Policies for policy’s sake

I think it’s important to only implement policies that are value-adding, or required for compliance reasons. A handbook that has every policy possible isn’t going to benefit the team nor the organisation which is why I like to understand the thinking behind policy decisions  to ensure we’re not just creating policies for policy’s sake. Employees don’t want to read handbooks that are long and arduous. My clients appreciate that input and know that I’ll be able to help them create a policy that represents where their organisation is and where it will be in the future.

I’m very much a quality over quantity person when it comes to performing for clients, ensuring that we deliver the best service possible. So, when a client asks me for something I make sure to ask lots of questions, really figure out the why of what they’re asking from me so I can understand how best to action their request, is there an alternative, or how can we really maximise any and all opportunities. Clients appreciate that I don’t just blindly follow what they’ve asked of me and that the end result is always one that best benefits them.”

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