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Understanding our clients’ businesses and how they go about it, then working together to make sure that the structures are in place to protect their most valuable asset: people.


Across all sectors.


Mark Girvan is a Senior Health & Safety Consultant based in our Glasgow office. Mark manages a portfolio of AAB People’s Health and Safety clients, assisting them to go beyond compliance and strive for excellence. In his role, he is also involved in assisting in the development of our Health and Safety service.

Mutual respect & trust

“An ideal relationship with a client is based on mutual respect and trust. We need clients to feel comfortable letting us peer into the dark corners so that we can shine a light into the shadows.

I strive to provide honest and transparent advice and support to our clients. I also try not to bamboozle them with regulatory numbers and paragraphs but to take a common sense approach and work with them to find practical solutions. Alongside this, whatever I do I always try to do it with humility and a sense of humour.”

Every day’s a learning day

“I love that in my line of work, there are endless learning opportunities. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues and feel very fortunate that I have great colleagues from whom I can learn every day. Likewise, our clients are the subject matter experts in what they and their people do, and I love getting to learn from their determination to build and maintain a thriving business and passion for protecting their employees.”

Tackling the challenges

“Some of the biggest challenges in safety happen during a financial downturn, where streamlining budgets and saving on safety might sometimes be seen as quick fixes. What’s not always appreciated is the hidden cost of failing to maintain a safe workplace and invest in training, equipment, and maintenance. Any search engine search for “safety iceberg” will highlight the dangers of sacrificing safety and neglecting worker health and wellbeing. At AAB People, we firmly believe that investment in safety is an investment in business longevity, and that’s why we’re passionate about assisting clients to understand their priorities without breaking the bank or falling foul of the law.”

Why compassion matters

“As safety professionals, we need to continue to evolve and seek new opportunities for growth and development to assist us in assisting our clients. It’s essential that we fully understand new and emergent hazards and risks to keep our clients right. Working for a company that values and commits to continuing professional and personal development and views it not only desirable but essential demonstrates that nothing is indeed more important than our people.

Similarly, when working with clients we want to ensure that businesses understand not only the safety requirements but also the benefits of providing training and instruction to their workforce and value it as an investment in their future.”

Excited for what the future holds

“The thing that excites me most about the future is how we continue to see the Health & Safety service grow and become a leading provider in the market.”

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