HR & Payroll Administrator

Who I help

Clients in the food and drink sector

How I help

HR Administration. Payroll Processing.

“I make the right decisions on behalf of my clients”

Mary Bannister is a HR & Payroll Administrator. Based in our London office she supports her clients by carrying out HR & Payroll related tasks.

One day she might be helping clients with general HR related enquiries and another she might be processing the end of the month payroll. No matter what Mary’s working on she ensures she delivers a gold standard service to all clients.

I will get the job done

I believe that the foundation of any good relationship is open and honest communication. If clients can’t/ don’t feel like they can trust me or if they can’t have an honest conversation with me then our working relationship isn’t going to be successful. If I’m going to deliver and really be able to help them overcome challenges, then I need to be able to have truthful conversations with them.

Clients want that from me too. They want to know I’m on their side, that I’ll give them unvarnished truths and have their best interest at heart. It’s so important to me that clients know I will make the right decisions on their behalf.

Power in numbers

For me, there’s nothing better than working as a team, with both colleagues and also clients. When you’ve got a group of people collaborating and aligning on objectives and working towards a common goal there’s no shortage of opportunities that can be created. There’s such a diverse pool of thoughts, knowledge, and experience as well. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving a goal as a collective.

A mix of technology and face-to-face

In today’s world I think balance has become much more important and when trying to choose between virtual and face-to-face I will always go for a nice mix of the two. Technology has given and continues to give us so much. It streamlines processes, it connects us with people from all walks of life and with what I do it can make life a lot easier. Sometimes, clients are coming to me with sensitive information and information that needs to be confidential. Them being able to tell me that over a video call might put them more at ease and might make talking about the issue that little bit easier for them.

On the flip side face to face gives you so much more especially when you’re building relationships with clients and trying to become part of their team. It’s much easier to build a strong relationship when they can actually see me and get to know me properly. It’s hard to get someone to open up to me if they don’t know who I am, and we’ve never properly met before. Whether its virtual or face-to-face I want them to know they’re able to come to me and I will do my very best to support them.

I don’t always have the answer.

I can be honest with myself and my clients that I won’t always have the answers. I will, however, always endeavour to seek the correct information for them.

One of the best parts of being part of such a big group is that I don’t have to try and be a specialist in everything. There’s so much experience and knowledge within AAB. From the People side of the businesses and the accountancy side. So, if I don’t have the answer there’s no shortage of people I can ask for help and support. We’re able to give our clients so much  more value that way. Someone somewhere is likely to have stumbled upon that problem and be able to advise on the best solution for going forward.

Important core values

Nothing is more important than our people is something I try to ingrain into my clients’ workplaces and cultures. I am so happy that’s something that is core here at AAB Group as well. Without our people we can’t deliver an amazing service to our clients. We can’t support clients either. Also, the reason our clients value the help and support we offer them is because of our people.

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