Senior HR & Employment Law Consultant


Who I help

SME’s, large international organisations

How I help

Supporting clients to optimise their everyday HR processes.

“PEOPLE are at the heart of everything we do”

Michael Black is a HR Consultant based in our Aberdeen office. Michael supports a wide variety of diverse businesses to optimise their everyday HR processes, providing best practices and implementing strategic HR plans.

For Michael, it’s so important that he’s able to build and maintain strong relationships with his clients to provide them with bespoke tailored advice and support that protects their most important asset- their people.


“It’s important for me that my clients view me as a true partner of their business. Outsourced HR that doesn’t feel outsourced is how I think of it.  I want to feel like a part of the business and add value, the most important part of our relationship is mutual trust and respect. My clients need to trust that I really understand the business, the people that I work with, their wants/needs and future aspirations. I need confidently be immersed in all parts of my clients business, the whole unvarnished parts too so that I know about what’s going on in the business to enable me to give them the best advice possible to resolve issues effectively and be adaptable where required”.

No two days the same

“I love the variety that my role offers me, it might sound cliché to say but two days are rarely the same. Different clients need different things, and sometimes similar clients need different things too. This means that none of my days are ever boring, there’s so much variety! I put on a multitude of hats at work which I love. When I’m able to help my clients navigate a difficult situation or a complex problem and reach a solution, they’re happy with it gives me great satisfaction”.

Challenging respectfully

“In my role, it’s really important that I have a strong relationship with clients where they value my opinion. This enables me to challenge processes and decisions comfortably and respectfully. Just because something has been done one way for  a long time doesn’t mean there’s not a better more effective alternative out there/ if I can challenge my clients and improve parts of the business/ make things easier for their people I consider that a job well done.”

Personal and professional development

“It can be hard to stay on top of compliance and legislative changes to keep our clients up to date and leave no room for errors. Luckily at AAB People we have allocated time to spend on our personal and professional development. Having this time allows me to research and learn about upcoming changes and how they may impact my clients in advance. It also helps that within our team we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we can call upon if needed which is a great tool and a huge benefit to our clients.”

Everything under one roof

“The growth journey AAB has embarked on has been amazing. Customers are truly at the heart of everything that we do. As a group we’re always looking to see how we can add more value to our clients. Being able to offer a wide variety of services such as finance, HR, and payroll under one roof is an excellent cost saving for clients.

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