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Health & Safety Policies & Procedures. Risk Assessments. Audit & Inspections. Contractor Accreditations. Training.


Across all sectors.

“Professional, practical advice and guidance.”

Michelle Sneyd is a senior Health & Safety Consultant with many years’ experience working with a diverse range of business sectors. Her specialisms include fire safety, food safety, care sector, construction, manufacturing, ergonomics, hazardous and dangerous substances.

Michelle assists clients with a wide range of Health & Safety related tasks such as carrying out auditing and inspection of client Health & Safety documentation and operations, completing fire risk assessments, providing fire safety advice, supporting clients with developments and reviews of risk assessments and method statements, and providing practical health and safety advice via email, telephone, and face to face – to name a few!

Adaptive & practical approach

”I’m open to trying new ideas and ways of doing things. I’m very confident and not afraid to challenge assumptions and I am assertive in the way I try to argue my case for H&S to win over hearts and minds.”


”Our key focus is to meet the needs of our clients as they are our main priority. The route to success is through strong communication and we aim to build a strong, open dialogue with all of our customers. We ensure that our objectives are aligned with theirs and we work closely with them to achieve positive outcomes. However, occasionally things may not go to plan and we are also on hand to get things moving in the right direction once again.

I take great pleasure in helping businesses succeed and being part of their continued growth and development.”

Dispelling h&s myths

”People still think H&S is very difficult, keeps changing and is very bureaucratic. This is largely not true and it’s up to us to show clients that it’s easier to manage than they often think.

One of the main challenges for me within my job is to overcome the stigma surrounding health & safety. Many companies are unaware of the true importance of following health & safety law within the workplace and do not see it is a priority. It is therefore my role to help business leaders gain an understanding of H&S best practices and how to apply these to their everyday business operations. Every journey with a client is one of education to help dispel myths and to assist them in navigating the complex world of health & safety.”

Looking to the future

“I am excited for the future of the AAB People Health & Safety department. Our team is constantly expanding and breaking into new markets which demonstrates that Health & Safety in the workplace is becoming more of priority for many. I am looking forward to working with new and exciting clients, getting to know their businesses from the ground up and developing the partnerships that we have with our current clients. Our service offering is unique due to it being bespoke to the specific needs of our clients and I am confident that it will continue to be a success throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

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