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Clients vary in their size, with the smallest being around 6 employees and the largest being around 145, and they are often at various points in their growth.


Being proactive, reactive, and fitting to their needs. Adapting to clients’ preferred ways of working, values, and culture, to ensure a bespoke, tailor-made service.


Clients are part of a variety of industries such as vegan fashion, oil and gas, engineering, seaweed processing, medical equipment manufacturing, and more. Rebecca also works with other teams at AAB, including the Payroll team who provide payroll support to several clients.


Rebecca Morrice is an HR Advisor, meaning that her role consists mainly of supporting consultants and clients with general HR tasks and ongoing reactive work. One of her main responsibilities is managing client mailboxes, which is where the majority of her workload comes from. These mailboxes are places for employees, managers, and others to send their queries and pieces of work they need doing. The most common tasks Rebecca gets from these mailboxes are Breathe HR queries; payroll queries; requests for contract variations, offer letters, offer contracts, resignation acceptance letters; and anything else they might need.

Another main responsibility Rebecca holds with some of the clients is managing and inputting their payroll, whether this be on a weekly or a monthly basis. To do this, she is responsible for pulling together everything for each payroll process and liaising with the client and her colleagues in the AAB Payroll team to ensure everything that needs to be processed has been included.

Rebecca’s other responsibilities can vary from client to client but can be related to recruitment coordination, Breathe HR set-up and management, engagement surveys, handbooks, templates and policies, and various other ad hoc work.


“An ideal relationship with a client would be one where there is mutual trust and respect for each other and the work that we do. I think this helps for there to be clarity in the work to be done. It’s important that there is two-way understanding and transparency.”


“I think our clients primarily expect a great experience from us. One where we integrate ourselves into their team, understanding their culture and their plans for the business and how we can help them to achieve that from an HR perspective. Our clients also expect a bespoke tailor-made service which I think is something we, as a team, deliver to all of our clients.”


“What I find most satisfying when it comes to working with our clients is the strong relationships we build with our key contacts and their employees. I think this relationship is key to mutual understanding and trust when it comes to the delivery of work and it often makes you feel like you are part of their team even though you are external!

Internally, I also think the relationships and the sharing of knowledge within the AAB People team are the most satisfying aspects of working with my colleagues. I know that there will always be someone in the team who has knowledge or experience of a certain topic and can help, which is great for our clients! The willingness of the team to share this knowledge is fantastic, and great for the personal development of myself and others in the team.”


“I think what manifests most in our approach to work is the element of being disruptive. I think this comes across with our clients who are looking for a full suite of HR policies or an overhaul and review of the policies and processes they already have in place. I think we can go into this being disruptive in a positive way to use our knowledge and experience as a team to help our clients to have HR policies and processes that better support their strategic and growth plans.”


“Technology nowadays makes it so easy to keep connected with clients in a virtual way which has led to this being the way we work with the majority of our clients and within our team virtually. I work with a number of clients based in the Central Belt of Scotland, and with the benefits of virtual meetings I can provide them the same quality of service as they could get from someone in our team based in their region. It really means that location does not limit the support we can provide.

It is great to see clients in person when we can to do onsite training or just to meet them in their offices, and this is a great opportunity to connect with their team in person and further your relationship.

My preferred balance would be one where there is a majority of virtual communication. This is solely due to the clients that I work with and the locations in which we are based. I think though that it is important to keep an element of hands-on working where possible. Onsite client visits are a great way to immerse yourself within a client’s business and culture, and should still be a regular way of working where appropriate.”


“I think one of the biggest challenges of the HR specialism is how quickly best practice and employment law can change. This can be hard to keep up to date with at times, so what we do as a team is subscribe to newsletters, attend webinars and keep each other up to date if we hear about legislative changes that apply to our clients.”


“I think what excited me most about the future for me is I can see my path in AAB People, and how I am going to personally develop learning from our experienced and knowledgeable team and clients.

What excites me most about the future for AAB is the fast-paced growth that the Group is undergoing – it’s exciting to be a part of it!”


“Collaboration is something which I think is essential within the team; it is one of our superpowers. Across our team, we work together to cover our workload as a business and ensure the best service for our clients. It is always fantastic to know that your clients will still receive excellent quality work while you are off sick or on annual leave.

This influences the way I work every day, running ideas and solutions past my colleagues and brainstorming as a group to ensure we are providing the best guidance and advice to our clients. I think our clients are hugely benefitted by our collaboration internally and this is why I think it is so key to our ways of working.”


“One of the greatest strengths that I bring to AAB is my enthusiasm to help and my passion for HR. I am always dedicated and enthusiastic to help our clients where we can, and I think that is a great strength to contribute.”


“I think the greatest compliment I have received from a client was that they could see how our work was transforming their business and the way they worked. It always is incredibly satisfying when a client can see the value in your work and contribution to their business.”


“I think that often, HR teams can be perceived as the bearers of bad news because we are the people within a business that coordinate processes like disciplinaries, redundancies, terminations, etc. But HR is so much more than these processes, and the positive contribution that our profession makes can be often overlooked. What I love though is that our positive contributions are not overlooked by the clients that we work with! It is clear to us how much our clients value our contribution to their businesses and that is just one of the things that is fantastic about the businesses we work with.”

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