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Unlocking the hidden and often intangible real value of clients’ People assets.




Scott Baxter is a Lead HR Consultant and works between our offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Scott focuses on helping clients scale through the attraction, engagement, and development of talented people. Scott ensures that those talented people feel fulfilled and valued by employers as he believes and has seen time and time again that is the key to success.

There are many ways to achieve a goal

“I’m an outside-of-the-box thinker and I am always looking for a ‘third way’ of doing things, which may not be the binary choice the client would tend to revert to without our input. There have been occasions where a client will say ‘I didn’t even know the way we were doing things was causing a problem – but you’ve been able to identify the problem and bring us a solution.’ I love being able to provide this service to our clients.”

Changing the way we look at HR

“I don’t like how ‘HR’ is perceived as the ‘police force’ of a company. Since around 2018, HR has been far more about driving engagement and adding value through people by enhancing the employee experience.

People have come to expect almost consumer-grade levels of employee experience – think UX but how people experience their journey with an employer. I am a strong believer that HR should look at people not as resources but instead view people as business enablers- but I know that doesn’t really make for a good acronym!”

Growth brings opportunity

“I am excited about my future at AAB People. As the AAB group grows and expands, so do the future career and client prospects. This in turn increases the ways I can make an impact with clients and internally at AAB which is exciting.”

Following the client’s lead

“I love that AAB enables me to meet my clients wherever they are. I have clients that operate only remotely and so I conduct regular video calls and carry out communication electronically. I also have clients that maintain an office presence which allows me to work on-site with them as often as time permits. This helps me to get to know the culture and values of the company.”

Results driven

“My clients want to know that they are working with someone knowledgeable, dependable, and a high-performing doer. To show that I am that person, it’s important that I deliver tangible results and deliver exactly what we have agreed on. I love being able to create positive change for my clients. It’s rewarding when they realise how much AAB People can do for them.”

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