Business Operations Manager


Who I help

The AAB People team.

How I help

managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Ensuring all the behind the scenes are running smoothly, allowing the team to focus on delivering the best service to our clients.


Susie Barron is the Business Operations Manager in our AAB People team. With over seven years of Operations Management experience, Susie manages the operational side of AAB People.

Most of Susie’s work happens behind the scenes, however, the importance of her role cannot be understated. The work conducted by Susie enables our AAB People team to provide the best service to clients.

We live our values

“I am responsible for making sure that AAB People operates to our values of Trust, Empathy, and Equality. To ensure that we are I create robust processes and conduct checks and balances.”

The beauty of technology

“I couldn’t do my job without tech. We have our team spread out all over Scotland and we work closely with the Think People team in Northern Ireland. My team is with me wherever I have my phone and laptop which is amazing!”

There’s no ‘I’ in team

“’Operations’ is a broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities and there’s always more we could do but there’s only so many hours in the day, so prioritising is queen! It’s also important that I put my trust in the team and rely on their expertise. I don’t need to know the detail of everything when I have a great team around me who know their stuff.”

The journey is never-ending

“AAB People’s client base is growing every week. With that growth, we get to work with exciting clients in a variety of sectors like medicine, engineering, tech, and more!”

I need a magic 8 ball

“People do often think that I have all the answers which would be an amazing skill to have but that’s unfortunately not always the case. Especially in a growing business where we’re always coming across new opportunities, improving the way we work, and coming up with new solutions. I am lucky that I’m able to help the team at AAB People realise that they often know the answer themselves or where to find it and they don’t always need me. Sometimes they just need a reminder of how experienced and knowledgeable they are and I’m more than happy to provide it.”

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