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Yvonne Gwam is a HR Business Partner here at AAB People. Her role is to partner with senior leaders and managers in the development and integration of HR plans, delivering strategic and people-focused solutions. Yvonne specialises in providing hands-on advice and support across the employment life cycle to her specialist organisations, which are in the tech and international hospitality sectors.

She also manages two HR specialists, who work on all aspects of day-to-day People operations for her two clients, ensuring that all bases are covered, and that everything works like clockwork! Yvonne leads and manages all aspects of change management projects across her clients, ensuring that change is implemented smoothly and with as little disruption as possible. Having worked in HR for over 15 years across both the public and private sector, Yvonne draws from her extensive experience to provide best quality solutions in People Management.


“First and foremost, for me, an ideal relationship with a client is one that is built on open communication and honesty from both sides. It’s obviously important for me to be honest and have an open communication with my clients with the aim of building a great relationship. I will always raise potential risks associated with a decision that a client wants to take, with the understanding that the decision is theirs to make in the end, and I am here to support them in any way that I can. I believe it is important for the communication to be open, which means being transparent at all times so my client is clear on what the exact service they are receiving.”


“My clients expect two primary things from me: open communication and the delivery of results. As a HR specialist, open communication between myself and my client is crucial because it will help us to achieve our client’s desired goal. So, I will always arrange for regular check ins and feedback with my client to ensure that a) they are always ‘in the know’ and up to date with where we’re at on various projects and aspects of People Management, and b) I know exactly what they’re expecting from me.

It is obviously key that I can deliver excellent results for my clients, so I will always work hard to ensure that that happens, and I’ll make sure that we’re consistently on the same page. The phrase ‘it’s impossible’ is not in my vocabulary with clients – I will always find a way to deliver for my client and enable them to reach their goals, even if it means coming up with creative or unusual solutions.”


“The most satisfying aspect of working with my clients is the satisfaction they get when I deliver results for them. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting to the end of a lengthy and complex Employee Relations case, for example, where the client might feel that there is no end in sight, and things concluding in the way that I had said it would. Clients can always feel reassured that we will get there. No matter how complicated an issue might be, I’ll always pursue and achieve a solution.”


“The most satisfying aspect of working with my colleagues is our incredible sense of teamwork. I believe in HR, you have to work as part of a team. When you work seamlessly as part of a team you are able to share best practice, ideas, and knowledge together. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to build long-term relationships that are full of mutual trust, respect, and genuine affection in the workplace. In fact, some of the most significant long-term friendships I have are from my work life.”


“In terms of working both virtually and in a more ‘hands on’ route with clients, I believe there has to be a balance. I work remotely but I do arrange to meet with my clients on a monthly basis, and if for any reason a client needs me to come in and meet with them face to face, I will always make it happen. It is about having the ability to build those relationships with your clients both remotely and face to face – drawing upon the strengths and efficiencies of tech, as well as embracing the ways in which in person contact can provide such solid development. In short – a blend is ideal, and flexibility is crucial!”


“One of the key challenges in HR is that employment law and best practice are always evolving and there isn’t always a straightforward answer when advising clients. There is also usually a grey area, and that is where an experienced HR specialist brings so much value, because we are able to provide clarity, guide through any uncertainty, and advise clients on the best way forward.

Employment law can be particularly tricky to navigate, and as a result, clients can sometimes feel cautious of how to approach or not approach a situation. I always aim to reassure my clients by breaking down the specific legislation and using examples of how I have worked through a similar situation in the past: how it was alike, how it went, and what the outcome was. I will always advise the safest route to tackle a client’s situation, explaining their options with absolute clarity, and providing an honest opinion based on my depth of knowledge and years of experience.

I’m at a point in my career where these kinds of challenges that get brought up in HR are actually what I enjoy most about my role, as it means no one day is ever the same.”


“The thing that most excites me about the future for myself as part of AAB People is probably being part of a bigger company and the opportunities that that brings. Being part of this organisation is an opportunity to share expert knowledge and best practice across our different teams.

Being able to share my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with my colleagues, and our team being able to continually improve processes and solutions is a joy. I am always keen to keep learning and I appreciate any opportunity to do so!”


“All the AAB Group values are so important and are absolutely at the heart of how we work, but the one that stands out for me is ‘the clients are our passion.’ Our purpose is to help clients to achieve their goals, and be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that we have everything in hand and are ready for all eventualities. Delivering for my clients is my passion, and particularly when I am implementing a change project, I ensure that I personally work on it at every stage, and I eat, sleep, and breath the project until it is completed. I give it my all.”


“The greatest strength I bring to AAB People my ability to work as part of a team. I’m also a good listener, and I have strong communication skills. We’re a very client-focused business and we always seek to provide tailored and bespoke advice and support for our clients. To do this, it’s essential that I listen, take time to understand, and ask the right questions, so that I can gain deep understanding of my client’s business. I also strive to be honest and transparent in my communication and always provide my honest – and carefully considered – opinion.

I take pride in being able to learn from others but also recognise my strength and influence in playing a large part of the development of my colleagues. We can learn so much from one another and, since HR is one those disciplines where there are often different solutions to the same problem, taking the time to share different perspectives is invaluable.”


“One of the greatest compliments I have received from a client was about my patience in dealing with managers and staff when they have had a number of different crises going on. Naturally, people get stressed and overwhelmed when this happens, so I am always calm and reassuring. Clients have also expressed the great tenacity I have in getting the job done and making sure that they are happy at the end of the day.”

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