If you are a Scottish governing body (SGB), you can contact the human resources management expert resource using the details below.

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AAB People provide expert resource in human resource management for SGBs supported by sportscotland. With our extensive HR experience, we provide bespoke, proactive and commercial HR support and an exceptional HR service.

We specialise in providing expert guidance in a manageable and friendly manner. Organisations can receive accurate and legally compliant advice which is commercially focused and in line with best practice. This may include advice on your contractual documentation, employee relations, processes, policies and procedures, or more in-depth support in carrying out specific projects.

Working closely with your organisation to really understand your needs and our approach to all aspects of what we do is holistic, covering the full employment life cycle.

The service is managed by Georgia Wilson, our HR & Employment Law Senior Consultant, who will act as your main point of contact, and Lois McMurtrie who has overall responsibility as Human Resources Principal Consultant.


There is no requirement for SGBs to seek the approval of their sportscotland Partnership Manager prior to contacting the expert resource helpline. Simply contact your AAB People Consultant using the details below and, where possible, your query will be handled there and then, including any documentation that may be required to support you.

If a particular query is likely to exceed the allocated time permitted, we will submit an escalation to sportscotland for approval. The escalation process provides sportscotland with an overview of the support being requested by their SGBs and more information about the piece of work being undertaken by AAB People.  Where AAB People inform you that an escalation is required, we recommend that you liaise with your Partnership Manager so they are fully aware of the matter.

Once sportscotland has approved an escalation, you will be informed by your AAB People consultant who will be able to commence the requested work.

Some of the ways we can help

Contractual Documentation

It is important that the documentation being utilised by the organisation is up-to-date and reflects what is happening in practice. If you have any concerns, or questions, in regards to your current documentation then please do not hesitate to get in touch. French Duncan HR Services are able to provide a complete health check of your documentation to ensure it is working for you appropriately.

Downloads available (click each to access):

Employment Status

Employment Status is an interesting topic and one which organisations often ignore until it is too late. Individuals are becoming more aware of their rights and it is important that employers have carried out the necessary checks to avoid the significant tax implications and employment law risks in mistaking someone’s employment status. A current theme which several SGBs have had to explore is whether an individual can be considered as truly self-employed. If you would like to learn more about this matter then a helpful guidance document can be accessed through the link below and you can contact our HR Consultant to discuss your specific organisation’s circumstances in more detail.

Downloads available (click each to access):


With organisations looking towards the future, it is necessary to ensure that the strategic plan for meeting the needs of each sport can be achieved and therefore, it is likely that there may need to be changes in how organisations operate. Restructuring projects resulting in potential redundancies are something that we anticipate being a challenge that many organisation will unfortunately need to be prepared for. Please see appropriate guidance notes below for your information and get in touch to discuss the individual needs of your organisation and how French Duncan HR Services can support you moving forwards.

Downloads available (click each to access):


Homeworking can be a modern and flexible approach for organisations to function, but it is also something that may be unfamiliar to many organisations and their employees and this can cause some operational challenges. It is important to remember that even whilst working at home, employers have a duty of care towards their employees.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

In these challenging times, it is even more important that organisations ensure they are supporting their people. Encouraging positive mental health and positive attitudes towards work means that an organisation is more likely to have a workforce which are productive and adapt well to change. This is especially important during a challenging global climate where organisations are likely to be uncertain about their future and individuals may have been out of work for a significant period of time.


The AAB People HR team co-hosted a webinar with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 15th October 2020, which covered the following:

  • Right Sizing for the Future
    Safe handling of changes to terms and conditions, reduced working and redundancy
  • Managing Returning to Work
    Creating a COVID secure environment and dealing with employee concerns
  • Maximising Employment Opportunities
    Accessing the CJRS bonus and other support, and implementing long term flexible and remote working
  • The latest on the new Job Support Scheme

View a recording of the webinar here.


Click on any of our downloads below.

  • Employment status - Guidance note

    Employment status guidance note

  • Employment contracts - Guidance note

    Employment contracts guidance note

  • Alternatives to redundancy - Guidance note

    Alternatives to redundancy guidance note

  • Redundancy process - Guidance note

    Redundancy process guidance note

  • Contract of employment - Template

    Contract of employment template

  • Supporting employees through the menopause

    Supporting employees through the menopause

  • Effectively managing an informal grievance

    Effectively managing an informal grievance cover

  • New world of workplace wellbeing

    New world of workplace wellbeing cover

  • The importance of having fun in a hybrid world

    The importance of having fun in a hybrid world

  • Redundancy preparation guidance note

    Redundancy preparation guidance note cover

  • Calculating holiday pay - What's changed?

    Calculating holiday pay

  • Casual workers agreement template

  • Fixed term contract of employment - template

  • Webinar: Performance management & appraisal

    Performance Management & Appraisal slide deck cover

  • Webinar: Recruitment & essentials

    Recruitment & selection essentials webinar slide deck cover

  • Performance Improvement Procedure - Outline for Managers

  • Performance Improvement Plan - Objectives & Review Form


Your sportscotland Human Resources Consultant:

Georgia Wilson, HR & Employment Law Consultant


Senior HR & Employment Law Consultant

Georgia Wilson is a Senior HR & Employment Law Consultant based in our Glasgow office. As a consultant, Georgia takes on various roles and responsibilities for our clients depending on their unique needs. In her day-to-day role, she might take on a more hands-on approach and help our clients with all parts of the employee life cycle, or she might be providing expert guidance for any employee-related situation as needed. In addition, Georgia has a particular interest in helping with inclusion and diversity initiatives.