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We are part of AAB, the tech-enabled, business critical services group. This gives our clients additional benefits of working with us; as their needs change, or as their business develops, they have access to specialist teams across the full suite of accountancy and business advisory services. 

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As an AAB Group company we work with our colleagues across Scotland, England and the island of Ireland to help them achieve their goals. We recognise that as our clients grow and develop, and as the landscape around us continues to change, our clients needs can also grow and change, and that’s where being part of AAB Group can further benefit our clients. As part of this powerful network, we have the potential to add more value. Through our sister companies we can access teams of experts in the areas including culture and change, payroll and employment taxes, financial services and wealth management, personal and business accountancy services. We’ve highlighted the areas below our clients ask about most.  


Our AAB Group colleagues AAB Consulting are specialists in business change and service design. The team work with clients to deliver transformation and change, enable business growth, build organisational agility, build capability in teams and unmask organisational culture.  

Living in a world of continual disruption, we need to respond pragmatically and with compassion and agility. This focus means there is lots of opportunities for us to work with the AAB Consulting team to continue to support clients in new and different ways.  

AAB Consulting help clients with their changing environments, accelerate new ways of working and introduce new tools and digital solutions. Specialists within the team can also assist with building capabilities to enable client teams to work more productively in a hybrid environment and look to create communities to share good practice and support the wellbeing of teams.  

In a nutshell the team deliver change without the drama.  


For any organisation, getting payroll functions and employment taxes right is critical, to keep employees paid correctly and on time and to ensure compliance with HMRC. With employment tax frequently investigated and the rules stringently enforced, you can’t afford to make mistakes. 

AAB’s comprehensive services for payroll and employment taxes address all these issues and help you operate efficiently, confidently and compliantly. Whatever the size of your business, from start-up to global player, all the services you require will be tailored to your specific needs and integrated to provide seamless support. Our extended team make sure you always have clear lines of contact with us and keep you up to date with changes that affect you, with proactive advice on your best course of action. 


SeeHearSpeakUp, an AAB Group company, provides a confidential whistleblowing service for employees and employers worldwide. SeeHearSpeakUp work in partnership with clients to deliver an exceptional whistleblowing service to enhance their ethical framework and encourage a culture of openness and transparency in the workplace.  

The SeeHearSpeakUp service encourages employees to report issues that are of concern to them without fear, and the information can be of great benefits to the employer organisation by providing an early warning of instances such as malpractice, misconduct, health and safety breaches, fraud and many other forms of wrongdoing. The SeeHearSpeakUp team operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can offer translation services for over 200 languages. The team also continually adapt and enhance services to meet with ever-changing international whistleblowing legislation. 

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