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  1. Blog9th Jul 2024

    James Richardson, Principal Consultant and author of blog about historic 2024 general election

    What Does The Historic Election Result Mean For Your Business?

    Following the general election and the appointment of a new Labour Government, we can expect upcoming changes in employment law. A “New Deal for Working People” was a key element of Labour’s campaign, committed to giving voices to workers, improving…

    By James Richardson

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  2. Blog25th Jun 2024

    Employment Tribunals… why are HR & Whistleblowing key?

    Employment tribunals have been in the headlines in recent years, acting as the stage for disputes between employees and employers, such as in the cases of Ms N Hands v Mitie Ltd and of Dr T William v Lewisham and…

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  3. Blog11th Jun 2024

    Rhona Macleod, HR & Employment Law Consultant author of blog about Onboarding

    Onboarding: 5 Key Steps to Ensure A Successful Process

    Onboarding is a part of the recruitment process that can often be forgotten and underutilised. Relationships at work are so important and the onboarding process is often the first introduction new starts will have with your team. Therefore, the integration opportunity here cannot be denied. …

    By Rhona Macleod

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  4. Blog26th Mar 2024

    Michael Black, author of blog about the right to disconnect

    Should we all have the right to disconnect?

    The prospect of a UK General Election in 2024 means we may see new items on the agenda which businesses will need to navigate this year, in addition to any legislative updates already on the calendar. Employee wellbeing is high…

    By Michael Black

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  5. Blog18th Mar 2024

    Lee Craig author of blog about workplace wellbeing and health and safety

    Workplace Wellbeing and Health and Safety At Work

    The Health and Safety at Work Act was established in 1974 – a mere 50 years ago.  While we often associate health and safety with physical “safety” the Act recognised that employee “health” is equally important. Most of us will…

    By Lee Craig

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  6. Blog5th Mar 2024

    Donna Wrigglesworth, author of blog about workplace wellbeing

    What Is Workplace Wellbeing?

    Workplace wellbeing encompasses activities, programs, policies and strategies that aim to promote both positive physical and psychological health at work. However, many also overlap with personal wellbeing outside of work because, let’s face it, employees can’t maintain good wellbeing at home…

    By Donna Wrigglesworth

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  7. Blog1st Mar 2024

    Robyn Whelan, author of guide to employee benefits schemes

    A Guide to Employee Benefits Schemes

    It goes without saying that employee benefits are a common incentive given to employees within a business. They are often used by organisations to attract and retain their top talent. They are an incredibly undervalued tool that can improve wellbeing…

    By Robyn Whelan

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  8. Blog28th Feb 2024

    Ailsa Smillie, author of blog about Employee Appreciation Day

    The Importance Of Celebrating National Employee Appreciation Day

    Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday of March every year. It’s important to make your employees feel appreciated and valued every day. However, this day is a great opportunity to do so on a bigger scale. Showing…

    By Ailsa Smillie

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  9. Reports14th Feb 2024

    An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays the Best Interest

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  10. Blog6th Feb 2024

    Attracting and retaining talent AAB People image

    How Are Organisations Attracting and Retaining Top Talent?

    Attracting and retaining top talent is a crucial challenge for companies in 2024. Employee turnover rates are at an all-time high since 2020 and in today’s talent market offering a competitive salary and benefits package isn’t always enough to attract…

    By Robyn Whelan and Georgia Wilson

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  11. Blog2nd Feb 2024

    Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2024

    As we approach April 2024, UK businesses must turn their attention to an increasingly relevant issue – the gender pay gap. The need for accurate and timely submissions of gender pay gap data is not just a statutory requirement; it’s…

    By Rhona Macleod

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  12. Blog17th Jan 2024

    James Richardson, author of blog about HR Trends To Expect In 2024

    Four HR Trends To Expect In 2024

    The world of HR and the workplace has undergone so many changes in recent years. Through technological advancements and shifts in cultural opinions we expect that the workplace in 2024 will continue to adapt and change. It can be easy…

    By James Richardson

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