HR & Employment Law Consultant



A wide range of clients from sectors such as corporate services, manufacturing and engineering.


Offering candid advice on a range of HR and employment law issues that our clients may be experiencing, working closely and cooperatively to suggest best practice solutions that incorporate their varying needs and opinions.


Typically with more senior members of client companies, such as senior management, Directors and any HR staff they may have on site.


Jane Connell is an HR and Employment Law Consultant based in our Glasgow office. Jane’s role is to build strong client relationships and provide tailored, best practice advice across a range of HR and employment law topics. Jane also offers a wide selection of business support, such as general day-to-day advice, documentation reviews including company contracts and handbooks, assistance with investigations, and training support.

Building relationships that last

“For me, an ideal client relationship would be one that encompasses mutual trust and understanding. I always aim to develop positive relationships with good rapport between myself and my clients that go beyond merely the transactional aspect of the job, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of their business objectives.

We aim to deliver a high quality, bespoke service with a personal approach and offer sound and transparent advice.”

No two days are ever the same

“I really enjoy the personal nature of working one-to-one with our clients. There’s a great sense of accomplishment working in close partnership with them towards achieving common objectives. I also enjoy the diversity of thought amongst different clients and the broad range of issues that I can gain exposure to.”

Honest advice

“I feel that in consultancy, although there is an element of needing to be personable and empathetic to individual circumstances, you also need to know when to balance this with what’s best for the client and be upfront with your advice. It’s important for us to be strong in our opinion and communicate it with confidence to ensure that we can offer the best support to the client and mitigate any potential legal issues early on. Sometimes this could mean having to sit down with the client to work out a balance between what the client may want to do and what is best for the business as a whole.”

Striking the balance

“I believe technology has allowed us to deliver a much smoother service for our clients. In the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the adoption of virtual meetings, bringing us several benefits. Such as allowing us to have video calls with clients more frequently and conveniently, which is especially beneficial when dealing with urgent issues. However, being able to meet clients in person from time to time allows us to better understand both them and their businesses, helping us build trust and making it easier to tackle complex problems so I believe that a balance has to be struck.”

Collaboration is key

“I believe by having a collaborative approach at work we make space for innovation. By combining our expertise and mixing diverse perspectives we can determine the best advice and outcome for the client. We lean on each other and support our colleagues which ultimately improves the standard of work we produce for our clients. As someone who has recently joined AAB People, this has helped me massively to accelerate my learning and understanding of employment law.”

Staying composed

“I believe my greatest strengths are that I am an excellent team player and can stay calm and collected in the face of adversity. I welcome any challenge a client may bring and embrace it as an opportunity to learn and develop.”

Overcoming stereotypes

“I dislike the mentality that HR are viewed as anti-employee and are simply there to discipline. In the large majority of cases, we aim to advocate for what’s best for both the business and its employees. At AAB People, we adopt a people-centred approach and are passionate about helping our clients create a positive work environment for their people.”


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