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Supporting experienced consultants within the team of a large organisation.  


SMEs. Owner managed businesses. Large organisations.


Leisure, retail & hospitality. Industrial. Manufacturing. Transport.

respect & trust are built into the fabric of OUR team.”

Judith Kidd is an Associate HR Consultant at Think People. She helps clients by giving them realistic and tailored advice on their relations matters, that’s perfectly compatible with their unique situation and needs. She is currently supporting the HR team of a large transport company in Northern Ireland on behalf of Think People,  giving her the opportunity to continually develop her skills and knowledge. One thing that has been very clear for Judith since the start of her journey with Think People and AAB Group, is that she is working alongside individuals with a wealth of knowledge, who really ensure that each and every client relationship is genuine and meaningful.


“A really strong client relationship is key to building a foundation of returning customers. That customer will remember the relationship with us rather than the specific details of the work carried out. I definitely think that is important within the HR world. 

I always make sure that clients can expect honesty from me, as well as a real genuine interest in providing them with advice that they can trust.”


“The most satisfying aspect of working with so many clients is learning about all the different industries in which our clients operate, as well as how our clients operate. I find it fascinating as I came from 15 years of retail management, so this is developing my knowledge of multiple industries while only working for one. When it comes to colleagues, everyone has made my time at Think People so welcoming – the support from the team is unreal. I don’t feel hesitant to approach anyone, and even with hybrid working I still feel part of a really tight team.”


“I love new tech, so being part of a tech-enabled group really excites me. I do, however, find it important to have a balance of both virtual communication and more traditional face-to-face communication, particularly since not everyone is so ‘hands-on’ with tech. Everyone learns in different ways, so it is important to cater for all preferences. For example, I am quite a pragmatic learner – I often learn by doing. I’m always eager to try something out myself before sitting down and reading any instructions! This type of learning isn’t always easy via virtual.”


“What excites me most about my professional future is building a larger and stronger profile within a trustworthy team; a team that supports each other to develop and promotes ongoing learning. I am continuing my CIPD studies and that is something that is supported by senior team. My development is key to building my career within the organisation. I also like the idea of other routes in tech that support the HR world so who knows what courses I might sign up for next.”

We respect & trust each other

“I strongly believe that it is our range of skills, backgrounds, interests, and approaches that makes us strong. We challenge our assumptions, welcome different perspectives, and celebrate variety. 

It is important it be open to individuality and be able to respect an opinion that differs to our own. This builds on an inclusive environment and sets the tone for the person coming behind us. I’m glad to work with colleagues where respect and trust are built into the fabric of the team.”


“As a new associate consultant I have a range of experience from retail management roles and I think having confidence already built in to deal with clients is a good strength. People management is a crucial skill to have in my professional area, and I think it’s something I’m naturally very strong in.”


“The way HR can be perceived can be frustrating. Many think its mostly about the disciplinary side within a workforce, but there is so much more to being a consultant. It’s a role that introduces and takes care of so many positives, as well as difficult necessities.” 

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