HR and Employment Law Administrator


Who I help

Clients in the food & drink industry

How I help

Recruitment. Onboarding. Investigations. Reporting

“I always aim to deliver a high level of service for clients”.

Lauren Mackay is a HR and Employment Law Administrator. Based in our London office she focuses on supporting organisations in the food & drink sector.

Her role is focused on supporting clients with a variety of HR related tasks. Her specialisms include recruitment and on-boarding but that’s not all. She is also involved in the employee relations side of things as she works on investigations, disciplinaries and reporting.

Communication is key

“It might sound cliché to say but when you’re working with a variety of clients in an outsourced capacity- communication really is key. I’m not able to really help their teams and their people if I can’t speak to them, truly understand what they want and how I can help.

I genuinely love building rapport with clients, understanding their organisations needs and how it operates. I believe in transparency and having open and honest conversations, setting timeframes, deadlines and expectations that are achievable and also realistic.”

Adding value to organisations

“I always aim to deliver a high level of service for clients. It can sometimes be difficult starting out with a client or when the point of contact within that team changes to build those strong relationships initially. However, that’s something I’m really passionate about. So, I will always ensure I have strong relationships with my clients. By showing the value I can add to their organisation and having honest and transparent conversations I’m able to build those ideal relationships with those people.”

Working across a diverse range of projects

“The projects that I work with really vary in size, but I love being able to work with clients and colleagues on all of them. Sometimes, clients come to us with a problem and it’s then my job to figure out how we best overcome that challenge. I love being able to develop and create a solution and implement this into their organisation. The good thing about being in such a big group/ part of such a  big team is the depth of knowledge, skills, and experience. If there’s a problem that I’ve never come across that’s never an issue because it’s likely that someone will have. I’m then able to ask that person for help or advice. Our clients are able to benefit from that pool of knowledge we’ve created.”

More than one way to achieve a goal

“If working in HR has taught me anything it’s that there’s never only one way to get something done. While I love sharing knowledge and ideas with colleagues and clients at the same time I’m a big fan of pioneering ideas of my own. Seeing how I can best achieve a goal for them, in the most efficient way. That’s not always the way it was previously done either. Sometimes it’s about creating and developing new ways of working. There’s so much power in moving away from what had been done before and coming up with a fresh new way that might even turn out better.”

Flexing to clients’ needs

“It’s really important to me that I meet the needs of my clients. I want to make things easier for them which often means flexing to their needs. The way in which our business is set up we’re able to work remotely in an efficient manner which mirrors the way we work face to face. Forcing our preferred way of working on clients is not ever something we would try to do. Instead, we offer them flexibility.”

We’re not the fun police

“A lot of people only think of the negatives when they think about HR, they think about us as the “fun police” which really is not true. There’s so much more we offer than all the negatives. We’re such a positive support function and we are integral in implementing strategies that improve conditions and cultures within businesses. More importantly we always, always put people first!”

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