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SMEs. Medium sized companies. Business owners and directors. Large organisations. Large international organisations. Start ups. High growth businesses.


Building line management capability. Team Development. Unlocking employees’ potential. Supporting organisational objectives.


Business Services. Technology. Family Business. Industrial. Public Sector. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality.

“The best organisations champion a culture where the growth & enrichment of employees are not just priorities, but integral components of long-term organisational success.”

Based in our Belfast office, Rhonda Redfern is a dedicated Learning & Development Consultant renowned for her ability to craft tailored solutions that precisely address her clients’ needs.

Her expertise lies in orchestrating programs that uplift organisational achievements by empowering employees to elevate their performance, realise their potential, and evolve personally and professionally.

Rhonda’s methodology is characterised by an open-minded, forward-thinking, and personable demeanour, which resonates well with her clients. She thrives on collaborating with organisations that embrace innovation and are committed to nurturing their workforce’s growth and development.

Rhonda’s approach fosters an environment conducive to exploring new avenues and unlocking fresh perspectives in learning and development initiatives.


“My curiosity drives me to continually seek knowledge and push the boundaries of my capabilities. I thrive on staying abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in learning, immersing myself in networking events, reading insightful articles, and drawing inspiration from TED Talks. Yet, perhaps the most enriching aspect of my journey is the vibrant synergy within our team. The collective expertise we possess fuels my passion for growth, as each interaction becomes a wellspring of motivation and inspiration. Being immersed in such a dynamic environment ignites my drive to evolve and excel, propelling me ever forward on the path of professional development.”


“Receiving praise from a client who acknowledged my passion for our work and highlighted my approachability was truly humbling. It reaffirmed my commitment to ensuring clarity and understanding throughout our clients’ journey. Knowing that I can effectively convey concepts in a manner that resonates with them is immensely gratifying. It’s a testament to my dedication to fostering meaningful connections and delivering exceptional service, ultimately contributing to our clients’ success stories.”


“I firmly believe that organisations are experiencing a pivotal shift towards recognising the inherent value in nurturing and advancing the individuals within organizations. In times of financial scrutiny, learning and development often bear the brunt of cost-cutting measures. So, it’s truly refreshing to collaborate with clients who prioritise their people and grasp the enduring benefits of investing in talent development. The best organisations champion a culture where the growth and enrichment of employees are not just priorities, but integral components of long-term organisational success.”


“The core values that resonate deeply with me are centred around our clients being our passion, and collaboration serving as our superpower. There’s nothing quite like the fulfilment that comes from delivering unparalleled service to our clients and witnessing the positive impact it has on their organisations. When we unite as a team, the outcomes are truly extraordinary. I am particularly drawn to environments where collaboration is not just encouraged but celebrated as our greatest asset. This collective synergy not only enhances our ability to serve our clients effectively but also fosters personal and professional growth. It’s invigorating to be part of an organisation where profound knowledge and expertise abound, creating a fertile ground for continuous learning and development.”

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