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Too often health & safety is seen as a blocker, something that stops you from doing what you want to do. We see health & safety, as an enabler. In essence, it allows us to do what we need to do and to do it without accident, incident, injury or ill health.

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Health and safety is a hugely diverse discipline, and it can often seem daunting. When reviewing health and safety there are various legislation, regulations, risk management and best practices to consider. When your team’s health and safety is at stake, there is a lot of pressure to make sure it’s done right.

AAB People’s health and safety consultants can help you navigate your responsibilities as an employer. By providing competent advice, support and practical solutions to the Health & Safety challenges you face in your business, we aim to improve workplace health & Safety across the UK.


Outsourcing your heath and safety requirements allows you to leverage the expertise and resources of specialist advisors who understand the health and safety regulations, and can use that knowledge to help you to apply best practice within your organisation.  

Our personable team of health and safety professionals will work with you to tailor support to your needs – you will be provided with a named consultant who will act as your competent advisor.  They will meet with you on site to complete a health and safety audit and site inspection and will provide ongoing health and safety guidance.   


We understand health and safety resources can be limited, and our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable health and safety consultants are on hand to act as an extension of your team supporting, advising and delivery on array of health and safety areas.     

We will provide you with a named health and safety lead who will become an extension of your team and will coordinate with the wider AAB People health and safety team to deliver your requirements.     

Our team of health and safety professionals have a breadth considerable experience in tailoring our outsourced solutions to the needs of our clients – we can support you across all levels of health from strategy, operational implementation and coaching and guidance for management to provide an end-to-end solution.  


Overall, the goal of integrated health and safety is to create a harmonious work environment that not only protects employees from harm but also supports their overall health and well-being. 

Our health and safety team have considerable expertise and work with clients to deliver a solution tailored to their specific needs. This can require stand alone or ad hoc support which typically involves specialist projects focusing on:  

  • H&S Policy Design / Review  
  • Strategic H&S Review  
  • Risk Assessment Support  
  • Contractor Accreditation Support  
  • Emergency and Business Continuity Planning  
  • IOSH Accredited H&S Training 

Whatever the focus of the project we will bring our expertise to deliver a flexible approach aimed at reducing liabilities, driving cost efficiencies and letting organisations focus on their core activities knowing that their health and safety requirements are taken care of.  


AAB People are accredited by the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) to deliver their market-leading Managing Safely course. The IOSH Managing safely course enables managers to:

  • Understand the structure and requirements of health and safety law.
  • Assess and control risks and hazards.
  • Understand their health and safety responsibilities and the responsibilities of others.
  • Effectively carry out accident and incident investigations.
  • Evaluate and measure health and safety performance.

We offer IOSH training either in and of our offices across Scotland or online. If you choose to partake online, you can participate from anywhere in the UK.

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded your IOSH certificate, proving that you are certified to carry out Health & Safety responsibilities and training in the workplace.


As health and safety consultants our aim is to help prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses, ultimately contributing to a more productive and responsible work environment.  

Our team have the experience and knowledge to support on any health and safety related matter and we incorporate those requirements into our bespoke client solutions. 

  • H&S Guidance 
  • H&S Audit 
  • Site Inspection 
  • Enforcement Liaison  
  • Accident Investigation 
  • H&S Policy Design or Review  
  • Strategic H&S Review 
  • Risk Assessment Support  
  • Contractor Accreditation Support  
  • Emergency and Business Continuity Planning  
  • IOSH Accredited H&S Training 
  • H&S Strategy  
  • H&S Operational Implementation  
  • H&S Coaching and Guidance for Management  


You may be looking for an interim solution or a longer-term arrangement, you may need on site or off-site support or a combination of both, and you will want to be able to flex the arrangements – we will work with you to explore the optimum arrangement for your organisation.   

Whatever approach we take, we will develop a successful partnership that prioritises employee safety, regulatory compliance, and overall organisational well-being. 

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