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James Richardson is an HR and Employment Law Manager based in our Glasgow office. James’ main responsibility is to support his clients to make fully informed people decisions across their business.

James is an experienced professional in human resources and employment law compliance, and provides exceptional support by getting to know his clients well. James works closely with each client to provide advice, guidance and bespoke HR project support.

James graduated in 2016 with a degree in Human Resources Management and Marketing, and also has a CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employment Law. Currently, he is developing his knowledge further through completing a master’s degree in human resources management at the University of Strathclyde. Having worked both internally and on a consultancy basis, James has a broad and generalist approach to HRM and encourages strategic, long-term thinking.


“The best way to discuss and give great HR advice is to ensure the client relationship is an open, honest, and transparent one. I believe clients expect to hear my advice from an HR and employment law perspective, but also to reflect on my balanced and genuine opinion as an experienced professional. This means going beyond what it means to be legally compliant and looking at the practical logistics which will be different depending on the particular circumstances and any additional factors relevant to the business at the time. It’s important to me that clients don’t feel pressured to make a decision they are not comfortable with, and this means being honest and discussing any potential challenges openly as a genuine partner to their business or organisation.”


“The efficiency of virtual meetings is second to none, and many of our clients have benefitted from this. I have found that many clients have taken advantage of recruiting from a wider geographical area and this means a reliance on virtual technology is key to developing our relationship. Collaborating on a strategic plan, or delivering training is much more enjoyable when carried out face to face and I think this will always have a place in the HR field.”


“Speaking with clients about HR matters can be very personal, emotive, and challenging. It’s important to me that our relationship is a positive one, even when dealing with challenges that are troublesome and sometimes overwhelming for clients. This means engaging with clients in a friendly, fun, and enthusiastic way is important to me. I want clients to want to work with me, not feel they have to, and this means getting to know one another and sharing laughs throughout the processes we embark upon together.”


“I take pride in being able to learn from others but also recognise my strength in playing a large part of the development of my colleagues. We can learn so much from one another and, as HR is one those disciplines where there are often different solutions to the same problem, taking the time to share different perspectives is invaluable.”


“I appreciate all the feedback and praise I receive from clients, and the phrase “James is a star” has been mentioned quite regularly. However, I am most pleased overall to hear that clients enjoy working with me and can see the value being contributed to their business, as I am a strong believer that work should be worthwhile and also enjoyable.”


“Sometimes HR can be perceived as a tick box exercise, and this often stems from a compliance-based approach where the main focus is keeping organisations on the right side of the law. Of course, this should be a core principle, but it is only the beginning of an effective HR function. What comes next is infinitely more enjoyable, and embracing a more holistic and long-term view of HR in any business is often a great way of overcoming some of those typically reactive challenges.”

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