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HR & Employment Law

Every business is unique, and that means their people requirements are unique too. Couple that with a landscape of changing legislation and new challenges, navigating the area of HR and employment law can be a minefield. However, challenge brings opportunity and with the right support, HR can help differentiate your organisation.

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People can be the key differentiator to any organisation. However, managing people challenges whilst looking to realise new opportunities can be tricky, whatever stage an organisation is at. The importance of getting your human resources (HR) policies, procedures right extends far beyond ensuring compliance. HR done right can be a significant driving force to achieving the goals of any organisation.

Our specialist HR team can take care of your HR requirements, and help you create a solution that’s geared to the needs of your organisation. We provide flexible and hands-on-support to help manage people challenges and realise opportunities, putting people at the heart of your organisation. We play to our strengths, so you can play to yours.


Handing the management of your organisation’s human resources to an external provider requires a significant amount of trust, and you need to feel confident that they can support the needs of your organisation both now and in the future. However this approach can bring lots of benefits including ensuring that your organisation has the right expertise, guidance and support whenever your need it.

Working with a dedicated HR provider can also help save you time and money, reduce your workload, minimise errors, reduce your compliance risk and increase security.

We thrive on getting to know our clients and developing solutions tailored to their needs. We can support with HR and employment law issues across the employment life cycle from disciplinary, grievance, performance management, short service to complex dismissals, absence management, redundancy, restructuring and TUPE.

If you are looking for peace of mind in how you manage and address HR issues, outsourcing your HR function could be the right solution.


We immerse ourselves fully into the organisation in order to deliver HR services that are aligned with the business throughout – from involvement in overall business strategy and planning at Board level to the HR operational support, advice and guidance required by the directors, managers, teams and individuals employed by your company.

Our integrated approach enables us to provide an end-to-end HR solution. We will develop an initial bespoke integrated HR solutions package to support your business, and this can change as your organisation evolves or your HR requirements change. This independent and impartial support for your employees gives you peace of mind that they will have a dedicated point of contact for HR and reduces the inevitable management disruption that HR issues can cause.

We ensure that effective HR policies are in place. Employment legislation – maternity, disputes, sickness and so on – is a minefield and it is important to balance the need to protect your business with treating your staff members sympathetically; our experts are trained to do just this.


The complexities around employment law and the ever-evolving landscape of HR compliance provide an increasing challenge to organisations. That said, HR and employment compliance are a vital part of organisational success.

Working with a dedicated team of HR and employment law specialists can give you peace of mind that not only will your organisation always be compliant, but you will be following best practice. Our AAB People team draw on their experience and expertise gained from working with clients of all sizes and across all sectors to not only ensure that workplace policies and procedures are aligned with legal and regulatory requirements, but by going above and beyond meeting the legal obligations can create and maintain a healthy work environment.


Your policies, procedures and day-to-day HR support is covered, but what are your next steps? How are you going to stay ahead of the game and ensure that your HR function is a key driver for helping your organisation achieve its goals?

A long term HR strategy which is aligned to the goals of your organisation is key to ensuring that you maximise the potential benefits to be gained from your HR function, and can be key to securing competitive advantage.

Our team work with clients on both project-based and ongoing support to implement strategic HR solutions which can help reduce turnover, improve employee engagement, enhance productivity, attract talent and introduce better policies. We work with our clients to proactively introduce people-centric solutions to their challenges.


In addition to the ongoing support, we provide our clients with, sometimes unexpected challenges arise and require a quick response. In other situations, clients with in-house teams require external support for particular issues or projects. Typically, these cover:

  • Investigations, Panel and / or Appeals in disciplinary and grievances
  • HR & Employment Law Policy Review or Preparation (could target to start ups)
  • HR & Employment Law Audit / Review
  • HR Process Development / Redesign
  • HR Compliance Reporting
  • HR Meeting Support
  • HR Start Up Pack
  • Recruitment process management
  • Early Conciliation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • HR & Employment Law Training –may be better under L&D
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Employment Tribunal / Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) preparation
  • Change Management
  • Re-organisation, TUPE & redundancy
  • Coaching & Supporting Managers
  • HR Strategy Development


Our services span all areas of HR support and compliance. The list below is not exhaustive but provides an overview of some of the areas we are regularly asked to support with. Our team have the experience and knowledge to support on any HR related matter and we incorporate those requirements into our bespoke client solutions.  

  • Absence Management  
  • Occupational Health referrals 
  • Time and Attendance issues  
  • Investigation and Disciplinary procedures 
  • Managing Grievances 
  • Internal Conflicts  
  • Performance Management  
  • Recruitment and Selection  
  • Pre-Employment Checks  
  • Onboarding Requirements  
  • Flexible Working advice  
  • Review of HR Documentation and Policies/Procedures  
  • Day-to-day HR queries 


Our services are geared to the needs of each individual client which means our delivery model is flexible depending on your requirements. We can provide a fixed fee or retainer service, project or ongoing support and deliver this on-site, off-site or through a hybrid approach – it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Our personable team of HR professionals will work with you to tailor support to your needs – you will be provided with a named consultant who will meet with you to really get to know you and your organisation. We will become part of your team whether that is working alongside your existing HR team or becoming your dedicated HR support – we will work with you to explore the optimum arrangement for your organisation.

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