Senior HR & Employment Law Consultant



SMEs. Medium sized companies.


Providing our clients with expert advice on employment law and training sessions to clients on any HR topic they need.


Working with the HR department of the client’s business or senior management.


Georgia Wilson is a Senior HR & Employment Law Consultant based in our Glasgow office. As a consultant, Georgia takes on various roles and responsibilities for our clients depending on their unique needs. In her day-to-day role, she might take on a more hands-on approach and help our clients with all parts of the employee life cycle, or she might be providing expert guidance for any employee-related situation as needed. In addition, Georgia has a particular interest in helping with inclusion and diversity initiatives.

Importance of trust

“My ideal client relationship is one where we can get to know each other on a personal level so that they can feel comfortable to bring any situation to me. I also feel trust is really important; I want my clients to trust my expertise and know that they can rely on me to help them overcome their challenges.

Clients can always trust that the advice we give will be honest and reliable. We will always provide them with our honest opinion, and recommend the route that we believe is the best for their business.”

Making a positive impact

“I love that my role allows me to meet so many new and interesting people, and I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients. It’s really rewarding being able to use my knowledge and experience to help make the lives of our clients easier and take the stress away from them.

Contrary to the negative stereotype of HR being the bad guy, the reality is that many of my calls with our clients are about how they can improve the work life for their employees, or how to help them become a more socially conscious and fair employer. For me, there’s nothing more satisfying that when a project is completed and both myself and the client can look back on it and see it had been successful and made a real difference.”

Not afraid to challenge clients

“I’m confident when challenging our clients or having difficult conversations, as I believe pushing boundaries and not choosing a route simply because it is the route we’ve always taken allow us to continuously improve and progress towards our clients’ goals. I’m not afraid to point out when I feel we need to go down a different path. I will provide my clients with evidence, through my experience and research, to help them understand why I feel this path is best for them.”

The greatest challenge

“Employment law can be tricky to navigate, and as a result, clients can sometimes feel cautious of how to approach a situation. I always aim to reassure my clients by breaking down the specific legislation and use case law examples or examples of how I have worked through a situation in the past and what the outcome was, and to ensure them that we will always advise the safest route to tackle their situation.”

Excellent listener & communicator

“I would say that my greatest strengths are that I am a good listener and have strong communication skills. We’re a very people-focused business and we want to provide tailored advice and support for our clients so it’s essential that I listen and ask the right questions so that I can gain a deeper understanding of their business. I also strive to be transparent in my communication and provide my honest opinion at all times.”


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