HR & Employment Law Consultant



SME’s looking to outsource their HR support. These businesses are from a diverse range of sectors.


Supporting clients with their recruitment and onboarding, monitoring client mailboxes, assisting with any administration documentation needed, collating salary benchmarks and carrying out all pre employment checks.


SMEs and start-up businesses ranging from Oil and gas to Manufacturing companies. Companies who do not have any internal HR support

“An ideal relationship with a client is ensuring that there is a level of trust.”

As a HR advisor, Robyn provides general HR related support through HR mailboxes, helping with end-to-end recruitment and onboarding for clients. She is also involved in the management of the offboarding for employees and administration support along with advisory work. She works with a variety of businesses in a broad range of sectors.


‘’ An ideal relationship with a client is ensuring that there is a level of trust. Ensuring a good form of communication is built in order to create a good relationship. Clients expect honest and realistic HR support. We like to think of ourselves as an aspect of their team when working with them. We try to be as engaged as possible and show honest support and guidance.’’


‘’The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is watching them grow and succeed over the time we have spent working with them. It is inspiring to watch the growth and development of our clients. I would say we are assertive in our approach, especially when giving HR advice and support. We are here to support growth and help our clients to achieve their objectives.’’


‘’One of the greatest challenges I experience in my career is providing support to clients in who are unfamiliar or new to me. Therefore, getting to know their business from the ground up is so important. I always ensure that I have a detailed understanding of their processes and procedures which allows me to establish what is truly important to them. I try to take an honest approach and ensure that communication is clear throughout the process.’’


‘’One pet hate I have discovered after starting my HR career is the perception of HR being strict and unreasonable. This is completely not the case – we always strive to ensure all clients and employees feel valued and that they are being looked after in the workplace. We work closely with our clients to help with meet and exceed their goals.’’


"The aspect that excites me the most about my future is the growth and development of offer at AAB People. As I am starting out my HR career, I am excited to see where this role takes me. The aspect that excites me the
most about AAB People is the expansion of the company. We are able to utilise various departments and work together to create an all-round package for our clients, whether that be payroll, or HR support or both."


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