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  1. Blog23rd Aug 2023

    Employment Legislation Changes: What Employers Need To Know

    There are three employment legislation changes that we are expecting to take place in the year ahead. These changes will affect family friendly provisions in the workplace. Three key changes have been announced by the government which will be the…

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  2. Blog7th Jul 2023

    Four day working week

    The Four Day Working Week – Is It Worth The Hype?

    The Four Day Week The four-day week has been a huge topic of conversation in recent years, especially following the vast changes in working patterns and attitudes towards work. The adoption of home and hybrid working practices have created certain…

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  3. Blog10th May 2023

    Calculating Holiday Pay AAB People image

    Update on Calculating Holiday Pay

    We know that many people are still struggling to get their head around what this means for their business in practice. To support with this challenge, we have reviewed the matter further and have put together the below recommendations. Recap…

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  4. Blog28th Apr 2023

    Katie Dunn, author of employee experience AAB People blog

    The Importance of The Employee Experience

    As we move into the fifth month of 2023, the Employee Experience continues to evolve following the upheaval created by Covid-19, which pushed us to adopt remote workforces and adapt to the ever-changing economic factors. There is no doubt that…

    By Katie Dunn

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  5. Blog27th Apr 2023

    Do small businesses need to worry about whistleblowing?

    There has been a recent scandal at the CBI, where serious allegations of rape and sexual misconduct have been made by female members of staff against several males colleagues. Thankfully, such severe and atrocious allegations like this are rare in…

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  6. Blog29th Mar 2023

    Employee Wellbeing

    Employee wellbeing essentially translates as the overall mental, physical, financial, and emotional health of employees. It’s influenced by various factors such as the Culture and Leadership within an organisation, the terms that are worked under, relationships with colleagues, as well…

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  7. Blog2nd Mar 2023

    Workplace Conflict

    As humans we are all different. Different backgrounds, different interests, different personality’s and of course different ways of working. As a result of this most businesses will, at some point have an issue of conflict amongst its workforce. It may…

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  8. Blog15th Feb 2023

    Scott Baxter, author of Changing people and culture landscape article

    The Changing People and Culture Landscape- Everyday Changes

    If there’s one certainty about every January I have lived through, it’s that I’ll attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. That means no more cakes, more exercise and less sitting down when I could be moving. Up until this year,…

    By Scott Baxter

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  9. Blog26th Jan 2023

    Supporting Employees During Menopause

    You may have seen the recent news that the UK government has rejected committee recommendations to consult on making menopause a protected characteristic and pilot a workplace menopause leave policy in England. This is in response to Women and Equalities…

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  10. Blog10th Jan 2023

    The World of HR in 2023 – What to expect

    It would be fair to say that the end of 2022 was a turbulent time for the UK and our economy. An energy and cost of living crisis tagged on to the end of a worldwide pandemic was not really…

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  11. Blog23rd Nov 2022

    10 Top Tips on conducting an effective 1:1 meeting

    1:1 meetings are an essential tool for managing performance of all staff. Line managers must make space to meet on a regular basis with members of staff to confirm expectations and discuss how they and their work are progressing. You…

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  12. Blog26th Oct 2022

    First Impressions ….. Getting a new employee Onboard

    Onboarding is fundamentally the process to which an employee is welcomed into the business and where a lasting impact on the continuing working relationship is established. It should be viewed as an investment, it’s a bit more than a first…

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