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  1. Blog13th Sep 2023

    Right to Work Checks – What you need to know

    What are right to work checks? As part of the onboarding process right to work checks are a vital part of ensuring businesses are compliant with the law. So, what are right to work checks? They are checks employers carry…

    By Rhona Macleod

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  2. Blog1st Sep 2023

    AI for business and HR AAB People Image

    AI for business and HR-re you moving with the wave?

    We already know it is important to remain up to date with advances in technology to remain competitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of the tech world, in fact it contributed £3.7 billion to the economy in 2022.…

    By Aoife Travers

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  3. Blog31st Aug 2023

    Musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace AAB People image

    Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace

    WHAT ARE MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS? One of the most prevalent and overlooked health and safety hazards at work are musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) – or in layman’s terms injuries and damage caused to muscles, joints and tendons caused or aggravated by work…

    By Michelle Sneyd

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  4. Blog8th Jun 2023

    Tips on How to Effectively Manage Whistleblowing Disclosures

    Most businesses encourage their employees to raise whistleblowing disclosures directly via their internal whistleblowing reporting channels rather than disclosing the matter directly to a regulator. This has the advantage of enabling the business to consider and address any issues proactively…

    By Sean McAuley

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  5. Blog10th May 2023

    Calculating Holiday Pay AAB People image

    Update on Calculating Holiday Pay

    We know that many people are still struggling to get their head around what this means for their business in practice. To support with this challenge, we have reviewed the matter further and have put together the below recommendations. Recap…

    By Georgia Wilson

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  6. Blog28th Apr 2023

    Katie Dunn, author of employee experience AAB People blog

    The Importance of The Employee Experience

    As we move into the fifth month of 2023, the Employee Experience continues to evolve following the upheaval created by Covid-19, which pushed us to adopt remote workforces and adapt to the ever-changing economic factors. There is no doubt that…

    By Katie Dunn

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  7. Blog23rd Nov 2022

    10 Top Tips on conducting an effective 1:1 meeting

    1:1 meetings are an essential tool for managing performance of all staff. Line managers must make space to meet on a regular basis with members of staff to confirm expectations and discuss how they and their work are progressing. You…

    By Niall O’Higgins

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  8. Blog12th Oct 2022

    Whistleblowers Aid HMRC’s Fight Against Furlough Fraudsters

    The COVID-19 furlough scheme was introduced to help millions of people and businesses through the pandemic. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) claim that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has helped to pay the wages of people in 11.7 million jobs and 1.3 million…

    By Sean McAuley

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  9. Blog29th Jun 2022

    Are you legally obliged to provide a contract of employment?

    Most employers provide their employees with a contract of employment when they start with a new employer. It’s common practice across the UK and is essential to set out the expected terms of an employee’s role and their remuneration package.…

    By Kirsten Bhatti

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  10. Blog29th Jun 2022

    Group of people chatting within workplace

    The Power of Inclusive Language in Recruitment

    As individuals, we all see the world through a different lens depending on our background, cultural environment, and personal experiences. This influences our judgment and assessment of others and the situations we are confronted with. Collectively, we hold beliefs and…

    By Ailsa Smillie

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  11. Blog17th May 2022

    Becoming a Licensed Sponsor

    The UK is currently facing a labour shortage, economists say the explanation for the current strength of the labour market is simple: demand for workers has been going up at a time when their supply has been limited. On the…

    By Chris McCleave

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  12. Blog2nd May 2022

    Training your management team blog image

    The importance of training your management team 

    It is not unusual for start-up businesses to grow faster than their resources can match. A common concern for technical start-ups is how they can develop their staff so that employees can grow with the business.   These ambitious businesses are…

    By Chris Deary

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