Business Operations Manager


Who I help

Internal team. External stakeholders.

How I help

Process creation. System reviews. Increasing efficiency.

“I always want to deliver a high-quality standard.”

Emma Emsley is a Business Operations Manager. Based in our Belfast office she is in charge of ensuring that we have the correct processes and infrastructure in place to support our clients. Ensuring that the team have everything they need to deliver a high-quality service to our clients each and every time.

Emma predominantly supports our internal team here at AAB People. Co-ordinating all activities from an operations perspective. When things aren’t working Emma loves being able to delve into how we can make improvements and increase efficiency in how our services are delivered.

Improving processes & efficiencies to deliver a better service

“I always want to deliver a high-quality standard. A lot of my role is about meeting the needs of others and delivering for them. To enable me to successfully do my job I need the team to tell me what they need and how I can best support them to help our clients.

How do I do this? By always trying to go above and beyond. I think of every eventuality and make plans for what those outcomes might be. We’re all here to achieve a shared and common goal. I love being able to work with the team to improve efficiencies and deliver for our amazing clients. When I’m able to integrate new systems in the business that make the teams lives easier it’s so rewarding because I know they really appreciate the effort I’ve put in”.

Saying no for the right reason

“I’m a firm believer that it’s important to know when to agree to something and when it’s more valuable to pivot, take time and really consider the decision we’re undertaking. The team know that when I say no it’s because either something isn’t feasible, or it doesn’t make sense for us to move forward with that decision. For me, it’s all about saying no for the right reasons.

Often, I’ll say no to something, but I’ve done the research and been able to find an alternative that better suits multiple uses rather than just one. I think saying no can be so important to help us to reach the right result.”

Technology has given us so much

“I’m someone that loves to be in a room with people. Sitting around a table. I’m motivated by being able to be in the moment delivering what we need to deliver. Getting people discussing something and sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions. That’s so much easier when we’re in person because there’s no room for error or mistaking someone’s intention, tone or meaning. Face to face helps us to develop relationships and bonds easier.

That’s not to say however that technology doesn’t have its place. The way in which we work has been completely transformed by technology in the best way possible. Our AAB People team are spread out across the UK and Ireland but we’re still able to work together seamlessly to help our clients achieve their goals and deliver an amazing client service. Technology has been so important in helping us to streamline processes and efficiencies.”

Collaboration is key

“Being part of the AAB Group has given us a great opportunity for even more collaboration. Having access to over 1,000 employees isn’t just great for our teams it also benefits our clients. When they have questions, we might not be able to answer there’s no shortage of other people we can ask for help and advice. This collaboration piece will help us to deliver a high-quality service .

At the same time the growth of AAB People has meant we’re constantly expanding our service offering, expertise, and knowledge base. Giving our team an opportunity to learn from their colleagues and share knowledge both within the team and across the group.”

Developing our people is our priority

“One of the core group values is that nothing is more important than our people and I don’t think anything rings truer for me. Without people we can’t be successful. We can’t deliver a service. Therefore, it’s really important that we give our people what they need to ensure they’re motivated but also able to grow and develop within their role.”

Proud to support a diverse range of clients