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Our Client

Celtic Renewables, a rapidly expanding cleantech company headquartered in Edinburgh, is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. The company’s technology converts low-value by-products, residues and wastes into high-value green chemicals, and other commercial and environmentally valuable commodities. Following the construction of their state-of-the-art commercial processing plant in Grangemouth, the company is focussed on expanding into new markets on a global basis. As they embarked on a journey of strategic growth, they recognised the need to strengthen their HR function and conduct a substantial recruitment drive. Celtic Renewables turned to AAB People, a trusted HR outsourcing partner, for their expertise in facilitating this transformation highlighting the invaluable role played by Aoife from the HR team at AAB People.

Our Challenge

Celtic Renewables was at a pivotal stage in its growth, and they needed to strengthen their HR capability and scale their workforce significantly. This task came with a host of challenges, including the need for structured HR processes, competitive compensation schemes, and the recruitment of 15 critical roles. Jim Purves, Head of Corporate Operations at Celtic Renewables, recognised the need for an external strategic partner to fill a critical gap in internal resource and expertise; and help navigate these challenges.

Our Solution

Aoife, a highly knowledgeable HR professional from AAB People, joined forces with Celtic Renewables to lead this transformative journey. Her multifaceted role included:

1. Creating Rewards and Recognition Schemes: Aoife collaborated with Celtic Renewables to establish reward and recognition programmes that would motivate and retain top talent while aligning with the company’s sustainability goals.

2. Salary Benchmarking: To remain competitive in the job market, Aoife conducted comprehensive salary benchmarking analysis, ensuring that Celtic Renewables’ compensation packages were attractive to potential hires and competitive to retain existing talent.

3.Performance and Development Process: Aoife supported the implementation of a robust performance and development process, encouraging employee growth, career progression and company wide effort towards achieving Celtic Renewables strategic goals. In doing so, Aoife collaborated closely with the CEO and senior managers, to facilitate the setting of clear, measurable, and achievable goals and SMART objectives aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.

4.Contracts and Documentation: Streamlining HR processes, Aoife ensured that employment contracts and documentation met legal requirements and aligned with Celtic Renewables’ values.

5. Recruitment: The most important aspect of this contract was recruitment. Aoife with support from her colleagues played a critical role in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring 15 professionals, including a Head of People, lab technicians, and engineers.

6. Onsite presence: Aoife worked onsite with Celtic Renewables, building strong relationships with line managers and employees working closely with the team to overcome challenges as they arose.

‘’Our partnership with AAB People, and specifically with Aoife, has been transformative. As we embarked on a journey of strategic growth, Aoife’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in establishing robust HR processes and recruiting a motivated team of professionals. Her commitment to aligning our HR initiatives with our company’s sustainability mission was impressive. With her support, we’re now in a strong position to grow sustainably and make a lasting impact in the cleantech industry.”

Jim Purves, Head of Corporate Operations, Celtic Renewables


Our Impact

Celtic Renewables’ collaboration with AAB People, guided by Aoife’s exceptional HR leadership, exemplifies how strategic HR outsourcing can empower a company’s growth. This partnership not only addressed immediate HR needs but also set the foundation for long-term success, ensuring that Celtic Renewables remains at the forefront of sustainable innovation for years to come.


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Celtic Renewables. It has been so great to be able to add value to a Company with an incredibly talented and innovative team, and working on such an important cause that will have huge impact on the UK’s sustainability goals and the cleantech industry. I am excited to see where the Company will go and have no doubt that they will be incredibly successful.”

Aoife Travers, HR Consultant at AAB People


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