Senior HR Consultant


Who I help

SMEs. Large corporates. Banks. Public sector organisations.

How I help

Comprehensive & strategic HR support. Organisational restructuring.

“I am committed to anticipating and addressing potential issues before they escalate.”

Keara Paterson is a Senior HR Consultant based in our Belfast office. She offers strategic HR support and guidance to a diverse range of organisations from leisure, retail & hospitality to transport, tech banking and education authorities.

Keara utilises her knowledge and experience in HR to help her clients to navigate statutory requirements best practices and relevant case law. For her, each day bring new challenges and opportunities to support her clients. One day she might be assisting with the implementing of policy changes, updating handbooks while another/ she might be handling intricate grievances, disciplinaries or redundancies. No matter what she’s doing- she aims to provide a high-quality service each and every time.

A service that is bespoke to the clients needs

“For me, an ideal relationship with clients is one where I have a deep understanding of their business, employees, and clientele. I don’t want to deliver a service they can find just anywhere or deliver generic solutions- I aim to offer a tailored and bespoke service that required me to truly get to know them their wants and needs so I can ensure my support caters to the needs of both their workforce and business operations.

Effective communication, transparency, and responsiveness are key elements in maintaining a strong client relationship. I actively listen to the client, take proactive steps to address their concerns, and demonstrate a sincere interest in their success to fostering a positive and long-lasting partnership. I take pride in being easily reachable via phone or email and strive to maintain a strong working rapport with my client.”

Efficiency and flexibility are gained through virtual meetings

“I prefer to be in person for most of my meetings. I value the personal connection and empathy that comes with in-person communication; however, I also recognise the efficiency and flexibility offered by virtual methods. Understanding the importance of adapting to different situations, I believe in leveraging technology for virtual collaboration, when necessary, while always prioritising the human touch for fostering deeper relationships and understanding. I have to take each scenario as they come and decide the best approach, no journey is too far for me to travel to if I feel it is the correct approach.

Being physically present during the delivery of sensitive news enables me to gauge the employee’s reactions, provide immediate emotional support, and answer questions in real-time, thereby demonstrating compassion and respect for the individual’s dignity. Additionally, face-to-face communication allows for non-verbal cues to be observed and addressed, which can significantly influence the employee’s perception of the situation and their ability to cope with the news.

Often delivering difficult outcomes solely through virtual means can feel impersonal, detached, and devoid of the necessary emotional support. It may leave the employee feeling isolated, undervalued, and disrespected, exacerbating the emotional impact. Without the opportunity for direct human interaction, there is a heightened risk of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and increased emotional distress for the employee. Delivering difficult messages over virtual can be challenging. However, delivering quick HR support and advice over virtual channels offers immediate accessibility, efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, ultimately enhancing overall HR service delivery and employee satisfaction.”

My greatest strengths

“As a Senior HR Consultant, my greatest strengths lie in my extensive experience and expertise in managing complex HR cases, including sensitive health capability cases, redundancies, disciplinaries, and organisational restructures. I possess a wealth of knowledge in employment law, which I continually enhance through dedicated research, including studying tribunal cases during my free time.

My proactive approach to HR is my biggest strength as I am committed to anticipating and addressing potential issues before they escalate, always striving to provide innovative and effective solutions to my clients. Moreover, my genuine passion for HR drives my dedication to the job, inspiring confidence and trust in my clients as they recognise my unwavering commitment to their success.”

Proud to support a diverse range of clients