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Lee Craig is the Service Lead for the Health & Safety team and manages the health and safety consultancy service working alongside her colleagues in the HR team.

Lee is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and has a NEBOSH National General Certificate, NEBOSH Fire Safety and Risk Certificate, and Post Graduate Certificate in Safety and Risk Management.

In her role, Lee enjoys getting to know clients and finding out about their business so that she can use her wide knowledge and experience to demystify health and safety, and give them practical and sensible support that works for their business.

Practical & Approachable

“We aim to be part of the client’s team and build a relationship of trust and mutual respect.  Clients trust us to give them practical, sensible advice and we trust them to keep us informed of things that are happening in the business, especially where there is a health and safety related impact.

Navigating health and safety can be tricky, so I always strive to provide a friendly approachable service delivered in plain English that is relatable, practical, and reasonable and works for their business.

I also genuinely really enjoy learning about our clients’ businesses, every day is a learning day and the challenge of working out how to make health and safety compliance fit into their business model, culture, etc. is very rewarding.”

Passionate about success

“Our role is to do the best job possible for our clients, they are the top priority, and we want to work in a solid partnership with them.  Their successes become our successes and when things sometimes go wrong, we are there to help get things back on track.  Put simply we care, and everything we do is in their best interests.

There is no greater satisfaction than knowing I have truly made a difference with my advice and support. One of the greatest compliments a client has paid me was telling me how much they appreciate me for making it so much easier than they thought it was going to be and that I had lifted a giant weight from their shoulders.”

Health & Safety enables

“There’s a common misconception that health and safety is just about saying “No, you can’t do that” or delivered by grey men with clipboards who frown at everyone. But this is far from what health and safety truly is about. Health and safety is an enabler – it enables businesses and people to do amazing things, create, build, innovate, grow, challenge, explore and so much more, but at its heart it’s about people, just like you and I, and keeping them safe, healthy and happy.”

Demystifying health & safety

“One of the greatest challenges in my profession is the ignorance of health and safety responsibilities – you’d be surprised at the number of businesses that fail to understand the depth or width of health and safety law in the UK. So as the professional, it is my primary responsibility to help business owners understand and navigate these challenges. Every journey with a client is one of education to help to demystify health and safety and support them to understand what they need to do and how.”

Excited for what’s to come

“I started my journey at FD People to create a H&S consultancy that was totally bespoke to each client, not delivered by formula like a lot of the larger providers in the marketplace.  We have grown quickly in the last 12 months and learned a lot on that journey.  I am excited to continue that journey of growth, without compromising the quality and professionalism of what we do.  AAB provides a platform for the growth of the business but also creates a fantastic career and professional development opportunity for our team.”

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