HR Associate Consultant


Who I help

SMEs. Start-Ups. Large Corporates.

How I help

Outsourced HR services. Enhancing employee engagement. Salary benchmarking. Managing recruitment processes.

“I want my clients to be able to rely on me.”

Zara Mirza is an Associate HR Consultant. Based in our Belfast office she provides support to senior consultants assisting with clients HR needs. This involves a lot of variety as Zara helps across the suite of HR so this might be recruitment, employee relations, training or ensuring compliance.

No matter what her responsibilities for the day the aim is always the same- to provide custom solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements to enable them to effectively reach their business goals.

High quality service delivery

“To deliver a service that actually helps our clients it’s so important that we first thoroughly understand their needs and objectives. How do we do this? By establishing a relationship with the client. Building relationships on a foundation of trust, open communication, and mutual respect. When we have those relationships with clients and we’re all on the same page it helps us to deliver that high quality service we aim to do.”

Reliability is paramount

“I want my clients to be able to rely on me. They need to know that we have not only the knowledge but also the expertise to be able to truly help them- to be able to develop customised solutions and add value for their organisation. We show this by delivering prompt and clear communication. Addressing their needs, unique challenges, and any queries. That is the most important thing- that we deliver what we say we will when we say it will be done. If we’re able to exceed expectations that’s even better.

There’s nothing more satisfying for me than having a helping hand in their success and being able to see the impact of our work. When clients notice this also and are impressed by our hard work and dedication- there’s no better feeling.”

Nothing will replace the value of in person

“I appreciate the efficiency and accessibility that technology and tech-enabled solutions gives us. Meetings that had to be in person before can now be conducted virtually without much difficulty or stress it’s great that those meetings don’t lose any efficiency. When we meet with clients virtually it’s not a hinderance to the meeting that we aren’t all in the same place. As a team that work across multiple locations the way tech has enhanced digital collaboration tools is incredible. It’s enabled us to work seamlessly with our colleagues no matter where they are in the world.

However, technology cannot replace the value we gain from having personal interactions and tangible experiences that foster strong client relationships. That’s why I try to leverage tech to streamline processes, enhance communication , and provide convenient access to resources, while at the same time appreciating the importance of face-to-face interactions.”

Proactive approach helps to overcome challenges

“HR is one of the disciplines that is subject to constantly changing and evolving laws and legislation. That’s one of the biggest challenges I face because its imperative that we know what’s happening so our clients can know what’s happening and make changes to policies where necessary.

To overcome this challenge, I adopt a proactive approach to continuous learning and professional development. That means keeping up to date with the news and industry developments through research training and networking. Taking a flexible approach enables us to be adaptable and informed so we can ensure our clients organisations can be proactive too.”

Working together as partners

“The value of client passion is more than rhetoric; it’s the cornerstone of the culture and client service ethos. I am dedicated to understanding clients’ needs, surpassing expectations, and ensuring their success. Personally, I see clients as partners in achieving shared objectives, guiding my work with a focus on trust, bespoke solutions, and exceeding expectations. This passion drives me to innovate and consistently deliver value, fostering enduring relationships and client success. In essence, client passion isn’t just a value—it’s the driving force shaping my approach and results at AAB.”

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